Sick Kitten, Part I

In 2002, we received a sick kitten from an abandoned litter. He was the only survivor. We never knew from day to day if he was going to make it. See Wrestling Kitten, Sick Kitten Part II for outcome.

kitty in heat

48 Responses to “Sick Kitten, Part I”

  1. Mikuruification says:

    So basically he’s the animal equivalent to 50 CENT

  2. MarianeJorgenson says:

    He’s still alive and almost 10 years old now.

  3. Mikuruification says:

    press e to call for  medic Noob

  4. huangzmzm says:

    thank you :) i will

  5. huangzmzm says:

    really thank you :)

  6. MarianeJorgenson says:

    Mine had a congenital defect, too, but he gave me antiobiotics. The cat got stronger, although it gets frequent colds and runny nose. He is 9 now and still alive, but breathes very loudly. I am sorry you lost your kitten. Please make a good home for a new cat waiting for you.

  7. huangzmzm says:

    if it is respiratory infection, sounds like treatable. however, my veterinarian told me he can not do anything to help my kitten for the reason of congenital defect… i dont; know, i just feel the syptom is similar to your kitten in the vedio image…

  8. MarianeJorgenson says:

    He was abandoned and had fleas, mites, parasites and a respiratory infection. He is 9 years old now and fine.

  9. huangzmzm says:

    what’s wrong with this kitten? hard to breathe, sleep with strange way…this is similar to my kitten before (coz she died a couple of days). my kitten was dead, but i still dont know what exactly happened to my kitten. 

  10. MarianeJorgenson says:

    This cat is still alive! Seven years old now. And a demon.

  11. 2525LCH says:

    The picture of man and kitten at 6:52 should be hanging on your wall!  Beautiful!

  12. Gracie05452 says:

    I wish they could stay that little forever.

  13. MagicFingers26929 says:

    oww i love kittens i remeber when my cat snoopy was a kitten he was so cute! i really want another kitten but my mom wont let me get 1

  14. garyfan1971 says:

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be a lap baby for sure. :-) 

  15. MarianeJorgenson says:

    Maybe, but he’s seven years old now, so he got over it. I’m in shock, though, at how much damage he’s done to my house. Peeing on things and pushing things off the counter until they break.

  16. noobtubeinvader says:

    at 4:48 it looks like its in shock there 4 a moment :P

  17. MarianeJorgenson says:

    Yes, he’s still alive and well, although he suffers from frequent snotty noses and wheezes sometimes. But he’s a terrible cat. Pees on the walls and furniture when he’s mad and a very fussy eater. But we love him. I guess he’s about six or seven years old now.

  18. liveabovehell says:

    Don’t Worry, be Happy

  19. MarianeJorgenson says:

    The first part is a steel band version of a Bobby McFerrin song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and the second part is The Who song, “See Me, Feel Me.”

  20. saint902 says:

    what is the name of this song! i want it soooo bad! omfg its stuck in my head i keep humming it! hm hm hmmm hm hm hm bing bing b-b-b-bing bing

  21. liveabovehell says:

    AWESOME music…..

  22. Cavscout5096 says:

    Reminds me of how I found my cat… abandoned as a kitten along the side of a public road, no older then a month or so, very tiny, nursed it and all… now shes a fat happy (very loving) cat

  23. NeutralPlanet says:

    Way to go on caring for the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

  24. iSparkettei says:

    .. ….. .. ….. ..uhm

    you can always try the “Q-Tip” method, it’ll shut her up for several hours atleast

  25. Pestinha92 says:

    Of all the animals in heat, why does cats have such bizarre behaviour?

  26. chadheck96 says:

    The cat’s just horny. No discomfort in that.

  27. trin1100 says:

    i saw my aunts cat like that and i wanted to

  28. ppsddancer says:

    yeaaaa my cats doing that haha
    i really dont like it though when she puts her butt in my face haha :)

  29. Jenger89 says:

    a wet q-tip and masturbating your cat? for reals? you guys are insane…

  30. Xarcifen says:

    Yes this is a legit way to get your cat relaxed. I would look more information on google about using a wet Q-tip for your cat. Most people have a moral issue with it because you’re rubbing her vagina softly with a q-tip, they feel uneasy or dirty about that for some reason. I mean it’s for your cat, its a temporary fix and you dont have to go through surgery for this. No i have not tried this myself i do not own a cat. Although i have read this up on google

  31. shreve99 says:

    Have you tried this? Does it really work? My cat is in heat for the first time and she’s about to drive me insane! I’ll try anything to get her to calm down!

  32. FadedRose99 says:

    they go into heat around 6-9 months…

  33. Xarcifen says:

    If you want to help her, getting a wet Q-tip does the trick if you dont want to go through the sugery

  34. zerounite says:

    my cat is only 8 months and going that … is that normal?

  35. XxShadowNinjaZeroxX says:


  36. 0prahTV says:

    so horny it hurts!

  37. xcallmethebigggx says:

    Damn cats get it much easier than humans My cousins cat does that and rubs her behind on carpet and does flips its sad but funny

  38. blackxtambourine says:

    Spay her, get on that. Though she probably isn’t in discomfort, its just part of life.

  39. RepMeNotUrEndz says:

    My Cat does this and I feel so sorry for her like i wanna help her :(

  40. Fleshman00 says:

    If only chicks were like this and you didnt need to take them out and pay for stuff and get to know them, could go round just pumping anyone i liked, its how its suppose to be

  41. Stevenhiggles says:

    my cat just lets out 2 to 3 minute long meows O_O

  42. melissatx75 says:

    I didn’t know female cats did that when they’re in heat…..that’s a surprise!

  43. GnosticAtheist says:

    Ah, nature. So… er… fucked up?

  44. nes11727 says:

    great!she’s so cute, with her white shoes(paws) LOL

  45. blackxtambourine says:

    yes she has been, relieved although no less cranky

  46. Belzerelli says:

    Yes that is it my rear is wide open! Come here male cat, I would like you to sex me up please.

  47. nes11727 says:

    Hope shes relieved by being fixed by now

  48. niceguya1ways says:

    My kitties in heat right now.. And she calls out real loud and it was cute at first but now its driving me nuts. Need to get it spaded.

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