Siamese Cat Ruby tries out her new litter box

Ruby the cat could not wait for her ‘human’ to fill her new litter box. Instead, she just jumps in.
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6 Responses to “Siamese Cat Ruby tries out her new litter box”

  1. MyPinkRainbow says:

    its like they are digging to the moon lol

  2. ICOboeHockey says:

    Cats see their litter boxes and their sole human-free possessions, so they tend to be a little protective of them. Just be glad she didn’t poop on the floor or something, because I’ve seen THAT happen.

  3. SublimeHarnoor1635Cats says:

    I recommend cleansing the actual kitty tray. If it smells too bad in your case, it smells worse on the cat, and requires for being emptied

  4. ValuedKittensStacia2156 says:

    Really the only great pet is usually a expended feline

  5. CatstromAngie220 says:

    Bear in mind, felines are generally nice with pictures however you will not be truly supposed to bring all of them inside. These are barn animals for catching rodents.

  6. Nya1770Bing says:

    a nice seat is worth a lot more than the life of a cat

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