Should my kitten have a 2nd umbilical hernia operation?

Question by superbad: Should my kitten have a 2nd umbilical hernia operation?
My kitten has had an umbilical hernia since birth. It is just fat tissue poking through so when he had his first vaccinations at 3 month we were told to leave it & if it did not close up by itself it would be sorted when he was neutered.

We had him neutered at 6 months & they operated on the hernia as well. He had a terrible week after the op with the Victorian collar on -it drove him crazy & he was very miserable. His belly is now fully healed but I have noticed the same lump has appeared.

He is going back to the vets in a few weeks anyway but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience in this situation? I would rather him not have to have another operation.
I can feel that there is definitely a hole there so the tissue can be pushed back in quite easily, so I am sure he will need another op.

He had to have the collar on as he was jumping around straight after coming round from the anaesthetic so it was to stop him pulling the stitches, which I’m sure he would! It was a vertical insision, done by laser.

Thanks for your answers, I think he will have to go back in for a second op when he goes back in a few weeks. Think he must have reopened the hernia by being too active, but it was impossible to keep him from running around!

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Answer by stonefieldhill
I’ve had 2 cats that had umbilical hernias repaired, but both were successful the first time.

Your vet will need to reexamine the area. It may be scar tissue, or your kitten may have pulled stitches from his battle with the collar.

The procedure to repair a hernia is relatively simple. It is a shallow incision, and the vet merely closes the separation in the muscle. If the first surgery didn’t take, your vet is probably going to recommend a second surgery, and I would definitely follow his advice. It is much easier to repair the hernia now when he’s young. If it is allowed to continue, it can get more painful and more complicated as he gets older.

Talk to your vet about your concerns, but he very well may need another surgery.

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  1. Bridey says:

    Since you have a male and I had a female, it’s not quite the same, but here’s my experience if it helps you. With a female, they make the vertical incision to spay. Our kitten developed a hernia after the spay. Her sutures literally broke. The vet explained that the abdominal membrance is somewhat fibrous, and not easily sutured. They normally do a row of 6 or 7 sutures with a knot at each end. To repair her hernia, they did it a bit differently. They did a couple of sutures, a knot, more sutures, a knot, and so on. It’s now been two months and no additional problems.

    I suspect that the anatomy is somewhat the same, at least in the abdominal cavity. There’s no way that I would put off having this fixed, but I would be questioning my vet as to what he was going to do to ensure that it wouldn’t reoccur. We also opted to have laser surgery done on our cat both times. It’s so much easier on them, less healing time, less pain, less bleeding, less chance of infection. If your vet doesn’t offer it, I’d suggest finding one who does.

    As far as the Victorian collar is concerned, none of my cats has ever worn one of those. The vet hasn’t even suggested it. With the laser surgery I think it might be less necessary, because they don’t really notice they’ve had surgery. Our cats have never messed around with their incisions, so it must not be that big of a deal. I’ve only even seen them on dogs.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Kittenser1275 says:

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