Should I hoover the floor or wash the dishes in kitten heels?

Question by ♥ ~Sigy the Arctic Kitty~♥: Should I hoover the floor or wash the dishes in kitten heels?
Or am I supposed to wear sky high stilettos? :)

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Answer by Melissa R
go with the sky highs

personally I cook in a tank top with thigh high stockings and no shoes

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18 Responses to “Should I hoover the floor or wash the dishes in kitten heels?”

  1. nicaragua.jim2 says:

    . Well, you’re certainly on the Right Tack! Variety puts spice in your sex life.
    Guys love to see the thong panties in high heels. Get that Booty up there ^^ .

  2. gulliver says:

    It doesn’t matter what your wearing, the important thing is you do your woman’s duties and get the house clean.

  3. The Hammer Speaks says:

    start cleaning and stop asking stupid questions beach!, and wear a French maid outfit while your’e at it!

  4. Gianluca L says:

    french maid outfit for sure

  5. Hunny Bunny says:

    Who ‘hoovers’ a floor? Dustpan and broom, next comes a mop, a scrub-brush and a bucket of hot soapy water. You need to wear gloves so the stuff doesn’t eat the skin off your hands. Get down on your hands and knees and make sure you do the corners right. You are bound to splash dirty water all over your shoes and ruin them.

    How sexy is that?

  6. Laela(Layla) says:

    When standing in the sky high stilettos you find yourself crashing to your tush; change into the kitten heels; you still land on your tush; forget it and go barefoot and don’t forget to look pregnant; you gotta look pregnant and remember you must always wear a bright and cheerful face and hum along as you hoover and, or wash a dish. To be really effective you must wear an outfit that will make you look like a sex kitten; after all you must appeal to his senses. As for your pearls Mother of Pearl is always the best choice.

  7. Alvin Stardust says:

    I think sensible footwear is probably better, tennis shoes perhaps? High heels are a menace to the female foot.
    Anyway, in reality, most women wear a velour tracksuit and soft shoes around the house I’m sure.

  8. ServantofGod says:

    Go for an apron and kitten heels. That sounds like fun.

  9. carla says:

    wear sky high stilettos

  10. Top-Secret Feminist Conspiracy says:

    “No women ever got an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor!”

    wow if you read it with a sarcastic tone Laela sounds feminist!

    Kitten heels…stay true to yourself darlin even when doing house chores!

  11. Cassius says:

    kitten heels o.O ?

  12. Amazing Mellie says:

    Well, if you wear the stilettos, you might stick with the dishes since you wouldn’t have to move as much. I would imagine even the most broken-in stilettos wouldn’t be too comfy trying to hoover the house. :)

  13. Rio Madeira says:

    Black patent leather Mary Janes. They never fail.

  14. Amanda h says:

    Well, IF you wear stilettos (and nothing else) you can charge more.

    Nude cleaning is expensive. Amazing how many people will pay to have a nude clean their home in heels.

  15. harbqll says:

    “No women ever got an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor!”

    Untrue…when mine does this, I make sure she has an orgasm. Usually 3 or 4.

    Similarly, whenever I mow the lawn, she also…ahem…makes a little trip south, if you get my drift.

    How else would you get someone motivated to do monotonous chores?

  16. Djuna says:

    I would recommend not. Wear sensible shoes. The work of the household requires it. You can, however, finish the housework and then change into something else, if you prefer.

    (Yes, how silly to think that any woman could be fulfilled by doing what they have done for millions of years – running their household. Woman can only be fulfilled if they are getting paid, right?)

  17. La Belle Dame Sans Merci says:

    I have washed dishes in a $ 7000.00 fox fur (when the heater broke), so I think that you should at least wear an evening gown and stilettos for “hoovering.” Make sure to wear your tiara and your good jewels, especially all the rings you own, so that they can have a cleaning while you wash the dishes. A good woman should be efficient!
    In the summer you should wear your $ 300.00 glitter, string bikini while dusting, just in case your husband comes home for lunch unexpectedly. (Yes, did that, too!) Of course, pearls are always in style and work well with every outfit!

  18. hala L says:

    Neither. It’s a very bad idea to clean in any sort of heel.

    Girl do you have a fever or did you start taking drugs?

    Please stop you really have me worried about you.

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