Should i get my kitten a play mate?

Question by : Should i get my kitten a play mate?
I have an 18 weeks old female kitten and i’m thinking of getting a play mate for her, what do you think?

Do Kittens/cats like to have company or don’t they mind being the only cat ?

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Answer by mightysquirrell
Cats can be happy either way.

If you can afford a second cat (food, vet bills) and you’d like another, then go for it.

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  1. Horseplay#9 says:

    It can go either way. Consider cost. And also have the second cat thoroughly checked by your vet first before putting with your other cat just to be sure there are no contagious issues.
    Watching 2 kittens/cats play is priceless!!! But can also be a handful sometimes. We have 4 and love it. xoxo

  2. Kenley says:

    I have two cats and they love to play together, sleep together, or just stay near each other. They are playing together as I write this. Most of the time it seems like they don’t like it when they can’t find each other.

    I have also had only one cat in the house and she did fine. She loved being the center of attention, besides she thought she was a Queen.

    But she will be fine either way.

  3. There you are says:

    depends on the cat. If the cat wants a playmate- YOU will do just nicely

  4. Gary says:

    As long as you can handle the expense of a 2nd cat by all means go for it. I have 2 cats and a dog(SHIH TZU). I also plan to get 2 more kittens the fall.

  5. shaycos says:

    They love playmates, however if you have plenty of time for the cat a lone kitty is fine too.
    If you want another then get one a similar age, (bear in mind if you get a boy they will both need op asap.). As your girl is already there you may have to introduce them slowly at first, but 2 kittens are great fun to have.

  6. thornezoo says:

    I have more than one cat because that’s just how it happened. All are strays that we took in. All have come to terms with each other over time. The oldest, at 17, just passed away, but he was my “barometer” when it came to whether a cat stayed or was adopted out.

    We have a 13 week old kitten and she has two older playmates, a two year oldish male and a 12 year old female. The male is her buddy, she chews on him, pounces on him, chases him, and he does the same to her. He was previously a very rough player but with her he’s really very gentle. The older female is the boss, the kitten doesn’t mess with her when she’s not in the mood to be playful. I think she sees her as a “mom” cat, even though they are not related. She does seem to go out of her way to snuggle up to her when she’s sleepy.

    Personally, I would introduce another kitten around the same age or just a little younger. They keep each other company and are hilarious to watch together. When the Mau (the male) and Dipstick (the kitten) are playing together we just sit and laugh at their antics.

    At that age, kittens are very easy to introduce to each other. Cats don’t mind being only children but you have to be their playmate through life so be prepared.

    Like the other posters are saying, all expenses would double, but having 3 cats of my own, it’s like kids. If you wait until you can afford them, you’d never have kids!

  7. FearFerrales150Kitt3n5 says:

    Why won’t th kitten look thrilled to be discovered

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