Shakey Kitty

Our Facebook Page! This is a little video of me with my new baby kitties. They are so cute and I love em to death. The mama cat is a bit nervous when I get her babies out. But she trust me with them. If you guys haven’t noticed I’m a cat over and not counting the 5 kittens I have 3 cats. Big Boy, Tommy, And Emily. Anyway the kittens just got their eyes opened and I thought I would share this little video of them with everyone.
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24 Responses to “Shakey Kitty”

  1. stevent222 says:


    I just love coming back to this one cause even though one of my cats is in the living room she’ll come in here to the bdrm and check out where the kittens mewing is coming from. my other kitty is usually on the bed with me and she jumps up on the table where my PC is and looks in the back of the screen to see if she can find out where the kittens are. Dang really wish I had a cam recorder to show you it is precious.

  2. stevent222 says:

    WONDERING If I can come back to your videos and vote or click ‘like’ over and over. Cause my two cats sit up on the bed with me when I am on the computer and they go nuts when I have this one on. HAHAHAHA And the other cat Bussy she starts to non-stop, meow-meow-meowing. LOL!

  3. TheShyuuri says:

    shake bobos please 

  4. dutchbabyface says:

    wtf only perv comments below?! #lol

  5. dutchbabyface says:

    sooooo cute

  6. halfmanhalfmetal says:

    Kitties and titties. Two of your favorites! Together at last!

  7. toomanyfires says:

    no harm done

  8. Broadsword255 says:

    Beautiful kittens, the mother’s very protective, how sweet -_-

  9. heettreet says:

    i grew up with cats ,,,, it’s easy to see you where stressing out the mother cat to make this vid

  10. BoysZzZ1 says:

    oh my god, so sexy ;)

  11. frasatat2 says:

    how bout both? or is there something wrong with that?

  12. spartannoah says:

    These immature fucking people… Shut up and look at the kittens! :3

  13. benosam123 says:

    show your b00bs

  14. benosam123 says:

    how many died

  15. turtletrax88 says:

    Can I touch your kitty?

  16. se7en1976 says:

    I love how you just grabbed that kitteh…. YOIK!

  17. gunlver says:

    I hope you don’t become one of them animal hoarders….lol Just Kidding….but seriously. HAHAHA! The cat lady lol. I sad the same thing Jeff NO MORE CATS!

  18. semirc1 says:

    cat with cats

  19. BboyShakey says:

    Shakey…? Mmmmm….mmmmm :) D

  20. johnduss says:

    Kitties?..All I see are 2 fine ass puppies…

  21. ivan112116 says:

    the kitty in yellow is soo cute

  22. bamaguy1966 says:

    Hi Heather like your cat’s they are pretty !

  23. curly27784 says:

    Is Emily an Egyptian Mau? She sounds like one when she meows.

  24. NORDBERTSS10 says:

    cats are always doing what they want…. thats why i like better dogs : ]

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