Seal point Ragdoll kitten at 13 weeks playing

Pashy the Ragdoll kitten playing with her little tennis ball ^^
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25 Responses to “Seal point Ragdoll kitten at 13 weeks playing”

  1. ZombieLynx says:

    Thanks! can’t wait to see what she looks like now! :)

  2. pashpash23 says:

    Hi, sorry for the late reply! I got her from a Ragdoll breeder in South CA (Ragbigboy). She’s 2 now and still as sweet and adorable:) Will download more vids of her as an adult soon (although she now spend most of her time sleeping lol but I guess that’s what raggies are the most talented at doing;))

  3. ZombieLynx says:

    I have same question and don’t see answer – where did you get her? she is adorable!

  4. pashpash23 says:

    Yes she does shed a lot, but with a Furminator type brush, it helps a lot reducing the amount of shedding and i find it also very satisfying :)

  5. tamaramacrae1990 says:

    Oh I’ve done my research believe me, but like a baby, you can read all you want about them but it doesn’t mean that’s what actually happens when you get em:) thanks for the site tho

  6. xXxXAnimeFanXxXx says:

    lucky you! theres a website called Caelestis Ragdolls tells you about them :)

  7. tamaramacrae1990 says:

    hopefully you’re right. My raggy is on order and will be born in May :)

  8. xXxXAnimeFanXxXx says:

    Nope, I want one and have done a huge amount of research, I do own a cat which shed a fair bit but according to other owners with regular brushing the shedding is minimal and only shed the most when getting rid of their winter coat.

  9. tamaramacrae1990 says:

    Do you have a rag doll? because I hear otherwise :)

  10. xXxXAnimeFanXxXx says:

    Ragdoll cats have no undercoat meaning minimal shedding.

  11. tamaramacrae1990 says:

    does she shed a lot ?

  12. MzSiddiqui says:


  13. vanessarose742 says:

    so cute

  14. debbiethemadbee says:

    Oh my gosh that face at around 2:06 <3 so cute. She’s so sweet and adorable. And those ears.

  15. horsegirl0712 says:

    OMG! she is sooo cute and looks just like my kitten, coco almost 1! they grow up so fast!

  16. fluttershy10111 says:

    Haha My Ragdoll tried to play with Pashy and the ball!

  17. PoathTV says:

    3 months old is such a wonderful age for cats. Alas they grow up so fast.

  18. 45764frostygirl says:

    She is beautiful, I love her name! I love to watch them play, they are so precious!
    Nicky, my Seal Bicolor Ragdoll, will be 1 year old on Feb. 27. Wow! Time flies! :-)

  19. ThreeWordsFirstWord says:

    mr jinks!

  20. pickyrish says:

    how old is Pashy?she’s so adorable and beautiful

  21. lmfreels1 says:

    what a beautiful baby :)  love her name too!

  22. MrKittenaddiction says:


  23. Navmi7 says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. chandlersagirl says:

    Pashy is sooo pretty!

  25. sharky0629 says:

    1:39 I died from cuteness(again)

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