Runescape REFERENDUM VOTE – Legitiment poll for old wildy and staking – read and vote yes ( -= If you wish to contact me or just chill out with me then join my cc: I Target PK. Anyway thanks for watching i would appreciate any feeback bad or good. Like. Comment. Sub. You can join my clan chat on Runescape : I Target PK EXTRA TAGS runescape…

Attention! Vote on your favorite scene with a text comment =3 Yes! It is finally here! Thanks to all of you that helped me film this thing. Scenes~~~ #0: Intro #1: New Brian #2: Mandy’s Tree #3: All your base #4: Eat the Food #5: To Quiet… #6: Radda! #7: Moonwalk #8: Zombie Plans #9: Frog on Random #10: Kitty! #11: The Mall #12: Your Bro #13: Xbox360 #14: NOOOO #15: Respect The Pouch #16: Poor Grif… #17: Doogle! #18: What Kinda Girl? #19: Lopez hates life #20: Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway Programs~~~~ Sony Vegas Pro 8 Microsoft Paint
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48 Responses to “Runescape REFERENDUM VOTE – Legitiment poll for old wildy and staking”

  1. ametallicaz94 says:

    niceee! Get a free runescape account from here. freerunescapeaccounts( d0t )US ..thankyou very much

  2. ServeTheServents says:

    Poll was successful, 91% of people voted yes,
    but now Jagex is saying that they need to consider all
    votes and comments. Which I don’t understand because it’s
    clear that the majority of RuneScape wants the old days back?
    As a RuneScape oldie I can’t wait, I started playing in 2005 and although
    I hated the changes I continued playing but now I’m so excited for the update.
    2000-2006 was best years of RuneScape.

  3. RunescapeVoteWild says:


    bit. ly/eOmDrY (link shortener)

    Use the link above but delete the spaces!!!
    Come on, we really need 1million votes!

  4. RunescapeVoteWild says:


    bit. ly/eOmDrY (link shortener)

    Use the link above but delete the spaces!!!

  5. Lolwaffle1234 says:

    FUCK YEA!!! i haven’t been pking since old bounty hunter and im looking forward for team pking with friends at the castle again (when you can loot the actual drop not pvp drop)

  6. MidtownMadness1 says:

    I voted 5 times total.

    1 main, 1 rune pure, rest is shitty accounts :)

    current votes: 582367

    Votes in 1 hour:

    wendsday 29 dec 16:37″00

    Votes: 576298

    wendsday 29 dec 17:37″00

    votes: 578400

    2102 votes each hour.


  7. 540cameron says:

    ttp://ww.rewards1. cm /coleworld

    a great site just fill 1-2surveys and you will be close to getting free stuf

  8. kiogre4eva says:

    600k votes so far.. we need 1m total..
    90% is yes atm
    8% is no
    2% i don’t mind
    have an impact… spread this around.. and go vote..
    spread on all pk vids old and new..
    get rs back to how it was
    this is our last and final chance !! GO SPREAD THE WORD !”"(vote this up)

  9. ThePkers123 says:


  10. IIultrasparkzII says:

    MMH confirmed that this is indeed NOT fake and NOT just an atempt for a record or somthing stupid like that, that so many wish and pray to believe. Its real bro, and as clearly stated, if the majority of the players want the update to happen, it WILL happen, and so far were going 90%, its over, we won.

  11. jack7680 says:

    how do i get his cursor? =p

  12. dhrocks4life says:

    how u know if we really won? and if we really did won when r we getting back free trade and wildy?

  13. IIultrasparkzII says:

    lol, dw, we won already, cry maor kids that voted no.

  14. smeredith1994 says:

    @rangeaim2 hows it going to make people quit ? its going to make people that quit before come back because its old wildy , and if you say that then why is evreyone voting yes if there going to quit ? wouldnt they just put no ? and i doubt there lying about this because its a buisness , bringing old wildy back will get more people to make there accounts members , which in return will bring them alot of money .

  15. rangeaim2 says:

    this update is gona probs be the end off rs, if its true and happens then alot of people will quit rs and iff its not true a hell of alot off people are gona quit :S

  16. rossduke5000 says:

    ugh you guys aren’t looking at the fact that it is BETTER with the new wild and trade limits the g.E neeeds a set price and with unlimited trade thad take forever to find oiut the price of something. lagg would go up due to trade spammers selling there things ecause of a grand exchange crash and everyone would be reminded how much the old times sucked/ they just feel like oh my gooooodddd the old ddays are back w00t; yeat they dont think about the problems it would cause -.- feel free to respond

  17. brownprider997 says:

    i find it very weird that when the referendum came out and had like 8k votes total it said 90% 8% 2% and now with over 400k votes the percentage hasnt changed at all 0.0

  18. SlyProductionsINC says:

    @ITargetPK , Is My Aspiration ;)

  19. dhrocks4life says:

    how many votes we need to win the referendum?

  20. joshrawks21 says:

    You could read?lol:p
    So what’s going to happen if old wild comes back? No more artifacts worth 500k and only drop we get is chaps dds gmauls?
    I hope we still get artifacts
    Sucks for the pures with below 25 pray and d claws cause will be able to use protect item

  21. letkiller123 says:

    8%no(retards obviously)
    2%dont mind(more retards)

  22. Kayoss90 says:

    old wild du mass get all of there shit

  23. i4SHOTRS says:

    well fagex here is trying to mess with us… their to damn lazy to do the update so they are trying as hard as they can to stop it. I bet all 8 percent of those votes were from j mods i got a bet on that.

  24. sexyaustin123 says:

    well we are at about 90% yes lol

  25. killer11ist says:

    my favorite was #8 Zombie Plans XD

  26. yusbagoosh says:

    Wait what is that song at #9 ive heard it before and i cant remember it!!!

  27. shepherd5555 says:

    any one else notice at 4:49 the red guy said xbox350

    like this if u noticed or if u watch red vs. blue

  28. SneakyPoison says:

    my favorite was 0

  29. whyneedacoolname says:

    bathsalts. great now i need a zombie plan

  30. Firemonkey7896 says:

    nooooo is my favorite

  31. sunstudios98 says:

    What emote is the “NOOOO”?

  32. sunstudios98 says:

    Zombieplan !!! <3

  33. OmarMian14 says:

    kitty! eat the food and first one

  34. amelia smith says:

    i like the coolwhip part! its halerious!

  35. Markx0987 says:

    Yous gots to stomp on IT

  36. 65maguire says:


  37. Rsbobbeh says:

    Oh also Billy and Mandy!

  38. Rsbobbeh says:

    This is a very good job! Definately like the first scene with the jogre/mogre/zogre dancing lol ^_^

  39. 2cold2holdful says:

    4:59 xbox350??

  40. Ashshadowwolf says:

    zombie plans

  41. goldenlink40 says:

    i fricking love #18 is it just that funny.

  42. xoEmzyScapexo says:

    For my zombie plan, I’m going to alaska.


  43. L0rd3dz2k9 says:


  44. iHitAnElephant says:

    the llama’s name is tina not peanut rofl

  45. amelia smith says:

    my fav scene was definatly the coolwhip one

  46. Hollyblaze1999 says:

    RED VS BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    you watch Roosterteeth

  48. freaking4wesome92 says:

    “im not quitting, im going to the xbox350 zero hour” but he says xbox360@4:59

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