RuneScape – Pet Rock vs. Cat

Pet Rock vs. Cat, which is the best pet? Find out. It’s not too late to cast your vote! Just comment! I make videos just for fun with RuneScape, a registered trademark of Jagex LTD. I do not own or claim any of the clips I use, except for the ones that are really mine. You can also play RuneScape at
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yep 2 of runescapes new emotes :P Hope you like!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

36 Responses to “RuneScape – Pet Rock vs. Cat”

  1. Dudik28 says:

    And 1 question… How to get rock pet???

  2. Dudik28 says:

    Pet rock own everyone! ;D

  3. dakotaraines104 says:

    pet rocks forever and now you can color them :D

  4. CrownTehNoobs says:

    lol cat lost

  5. feritmortem says:

    @Superviruset You’re not. Ha! Can’t even spell “Ha!”.

  6. hollow2k10 says:

    Pet rock ftw :)

  7. BattlefieldHigh says:

    rock, chuck it at cat, it dies, rock wins, but i preffer pickaxe, i got a mining level of 31, who do ya think would win

  8. CTD7771 says:


    FREE runescape pins. Hurry before they patch it.

  9. Yzacata says:

    Rock wins. It can be obtained from Askeladden during and after the Fremennik Trials quest.

  10. XSiaoUploaderX says:

    Runescape sucks

  11. altier97 says:

    rocks rule

  12. bruno25641 says:

    rocks own cats
    my rock name is called…… rocky!!!
    well i was original…..

  13. ThePendragon101 says:


  14. Complete126 says:

    Cat he is cute

  15. maltepalte007 says:

    Pet rock of course

  16. manneke150 says:

    cat ftw: cat can eat, be stroked, play with a ball of wool, catch mice, be sold for 200 deaths, talk, be trained to a wily cat who can catch liek kalpithe larves and butterflies, …

  17. andrickscape says:

    the rock wile i fish sharks he does not bug me for sharks saying im hungry o.O

  18. 123khalirocks says:

    rock, no contest! dont need to feed and can fetch!

  19. flipteasers says:

    Eek Ftw

  20. kingkaga898 says:


  21. mp311000 says:

    I Vote For The CAT!

  22. rspminogue says:

    pet rock

    Mine’s name is Guspacho

    He’s Italian =)

  23. jordierox2 says:

    the pet rock is the best ever! i hav 1 and i luv it. i was horrified wen i had to make rock stew. T _ T but i got another from askeladden! ^_^ §_§

  24. fangs608 says:

    rock ftw

  25. xxMissBriixx says:

    I want ROFL, Storm, Breathe fire, and levitate eventually.

  26. Rayquaza128 says:

    @Midevlmoment To late, got Reverance and the cheap costume.

  27. Midevlmoment says:

    @Rayquaza128 get them now anyways. cause they are discounted and you will have screwed urself basically

  28. Kjelljoakim says:

    @Rayquaza128 im saving for Rofl

  29. Rayquaza128 says:

    Good choices! :D I’m a little sad I couldn’t get these, I’m saving up for Breathe Fire and Storm.

  30. SkillerCake says:


  31. SummerTastic says:

    I recommend cleaning up the actual kitty tray. Whether or not this odours it is a shame for you, this scents a whole lot worse for the feline, and requirements to get emptied

  32. CampyC4t5Macha1880 says:

    I simply adore burmese kittens and cats. They may be therefore cute. Glad she’s been rejoined back with her owners.

  33. ToyKittens says:

    Ive seen this tune before. That is a genuinely adorable movie. Family are invariably there for you.

  34. Angelic2033Kittens says:

    I like my buddies and i also adore the pet cats. Appreciate your talk about

  35. Kitt3n5ScoopSanta1112 says:

    I actually knew growing up cats, but produced an allergy for you to fresh felines

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