runescape kitten in to a cat

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  1. BallsOfSteel121 says:

    what you have to do is select the 1 click option for ‘Follower Details’ And you can see how hungry he/she is and how much she has grown in percentage. What i did was firemaking at the same time when my kitty was out. as soon i did i run i fed it like 1 herring or 1 bucket of milk and repeated tht process until the percentage got to 100%. thats how i got my cat . :)

  2. Jilvix says:

    Why the fuck did I just watch this?

  3. ThEAwEsOmEnEsSMoDz says:

    Why is the trapdoor locked for me?

  4. VidsVariety says:


    What if the summoning icon isnt there?

  5. styxkeeper says:

    @runescaper0ckss Are you sure you can get it back at gerterude? she gave me a new one :(

  6. MrRealSonic says:

    your ENGLISH is VERY BAD!

  7. GetNoobToobed says:

    Mines at 45% grown will he become a cat soon?

  8. florian1834 says:


  9. Musicdudez says:

    Well that… sucked…

  10. jagstar97 says:

    @jonasbroskickbut use better grammer

  11. jagstar97 says:

    @jonasbroskickbut dude stfu like anyone gives a shit about wat ur saying

  12. nejustinas32 says:

    fake -.-

  13. woshi127 says:

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  14. MolloyDadda247Luke says:

    ive got hell cat

  15. shoebox55 says:

    soron9 u need to buy another cat srry 4 ur lost :_(

  16. jonasbroskickbut says:

    guys it only growes whn it has a hunget of 5 -95% ideots

  17. BboyHypeOwnz says:

    ok what if you dont have summoning? and is it the better the food the faster it grows?

  18. UltraMankiller says:

    is it better to give it milk?

  19. xirlux says:

    do gerturdes cat u dumshit

  20. runescaper0ckss says:

    click on the sumoning icon in the left corner when u have the cat folowing you u can c two blue things with a pecentage under it. thanks for the commen :)

  21. Nned333 says:

    how u know if its 99% or like 10% i just fed mine 14 sardines and 14 milks ands sroked it 14 times its not a cat yet

  22. runescaper0ckss says:

    a cat or a hell cat? if it just a cat then u dont need ummoning hell cat i dunno

  23. runescaper0ckss says:

    go to gurtrude

  24. soron9 says:

    i lost my cat when i was walking and i dont no how to get it!! plz help!!!

  25. Gamebot555 says:


  26. Kitt3n5Eracle75Rely says:

    we have a pair of feral cats and kittens Asia and Rana that contain tamed

  27. C4t5WorldSeliba says:

    Now i am greatly allergic for you to cats as well as dog saliva. Within a few moments of contact a cat dwelling, I actually start off smashing out in hives, my eyes get bigger close as well as my own can range f closes.

  28. Asli211 says:

    Each of our kitten Meowance bought lost within France with regard to Nine months

  29. ValuedInes1401Kittens says:

    im alright using half breed cats

  30. KittensStargal says:

    We couldn’t have said it far better personally

  31. HopeC4t51169 says:

    we all offered your cats Mr. Winston and Boogee bath on a monthly basis

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