RuneScape – How To Get a Hellcat

How to get a Hellcat. I was new at making videos when i made this so i was stupid enough to think people would watch the whole thing. Don’t watch the whole thing, it’s just my kitten catching rats.

19 Responses to “RuneScape – How To Get a Hellcat”

  1. DGFenrirXIII says:

    OH MY GOD!!11


  2. hillpkers1 says:


  3. hillpkers1 says:

    below the trapdoor, in the room with the range

  4. Carnage1235 says:

    Hell Kittens are a massive, MASSIVE pain in the ass to get. But I guess its worth it considering how rare a hell kitten is. Hell cats on the other hand are nice and easy to get ahold of.

  5. maryjane420ization says:

    ok i have caught like 10 hell rats maybe more.
    does it ask u before it changes to a hell kitten.
    how many hell rats do i have to catch.

  6. mattallday10 says:

    where are you

  7. CoolioKid22 says:

    do u just kill ike 10 and u get hellcat?

  8. shiznanzz says:

    lmao mentally chalengd kitten

  9. noobcake9 says:

    You need to do Recipe For Disaster Part 6 Evil Dave and Complete The Golem And Shadow of the storm

  10. demetri189 says:

    is recipe for disaster

  11. PsychoTails says:

    what called the quest u need to do…pls answer

  12. fillip1997 says:

    all i needed was 4 rats to eat lol

  13. hillpkers1 says:

    For the quest, save him

  14. hillpkers1 says:

    Im pretty sure 8. If that doesn’t work 9 or 10

  15. YOMAMAXXL says:

    wtf get a cat

  16. weredaman says:

    denyka is cool

  17. nac224 says:

    do u only inspect him or do u gotta save him?

  18. hillpkers1 says:

    Beat Shadow of the Storm and then do the first part of Recipe For Disaster. Inspect Evil Dave and go to Edgeville and go to a house with a woman in it and go down the trapdoor.

  19. andreyz94 says:

    noob how can i get there………….
    thats what i wanted to see

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