Runescape: how to get a hel-cat

i know i misspelled the title, but this is how to get a hellcat on runescape
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  1. flyinglinx64 says:

    Ok if the trapdoor is locked, you need to have started Evil Dave’s part of Recipe for Disaster, if it’s still locked i dont know what to do

  2. ThEAwEsOmEnEsSMoDz says:

    Why is the trapdoor locked for me?

  3. kimmien8 says:

    it is locked when i try :( what do you have to do to open it?? :D

  4. flyinglinx64 says:

    GOOD NEWS VIEWERS!!! i got my origional runescape account back, but im still gonna use the same begginning

  5. flyinglinx64 says:

    and my acc on runescape got hacked :(

  6. flyinglinx64 says:

    im sorry viewers i lost my youtube password so my vids will now be on flyinglinx64

  7. zachandchavez123 says:

    please help me get one add S 1 M 3 Z and ill give you 1k

  8. T3QUITO says:

    halloween <33

  9. RipC4t5Leonore2026 says:

    wash your own kitty once every seven days

  10. Leonaie says:

    ill never currently have cats and kittens it isn’t really worth the unhappiness

  11. Cats1045Falls says:

    : ) exactly what a cutie!? and that trail is just too significantly

  12. Mirac684 says:

    Throughout various other announcement, scientists at the Mayo center are offering felines AIDS

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