runescape how to get a full grown cat

i found this music and HAD to do it. i may bring out a better quality one in future, i just love pixels, music: “doing your mom” by “FAttY Spinns”

40 Responses to “runescape how to get a full grown cat”

  1. Klayett says:

    There is no “yellow button at the right side”

  2. fokhansen says:

    noob skills

  3. cravyman100 says:

    took me 10 mins…

  4. beezyplz1 says:

    @iKristiaan it takes 3 hours if u feed it regularly

  5. stagepker says:

    @iKristiaan 2-3 from 0%

  6. iKristiaan says:

    how many hours does it take

  7. legokamp says:

    L2think b4 u post a video.

  8. rimwydas44 says:

    Go burn yourself

  9. justin132ish says:

    @FreeRsPureContest you watched the video.

  10. jidhann says:


  11. zerkxXxx says:

    @FreeRsPureContest im so cool i can troll on youtube on a cyber game cus i have no friends only cyber friends….

  12. Demozity says:

    Lol u have the same cat as mine :)

  13. mrhalo4563 says:

    thats rly somthing i wanna subscribe -.- dude think

  14. FreeRsPureContest says:

    im so cool im growing a cybercat and cutting cyber trees and getting orgasms over getting a full grown cat on a game.

  15. Toxicman12220 says:

    10 people saw him doin yo mom

  16. Shoopy12Productions says:

    10 people found an old guy from the grocery store “doin thur mom”

  17. M3nt0s619 says:

    Mario Kart… FTW.

  18. linkslasher says:


  19. xXBaTeSoNXx says:

    I love the song and the game but i had to dislike for the wrong lyrics :/

  20. L0ppuy says:

    @jammy5822 Dude, this doesn’t take long to do.. its like Windows Moviemaker, Look on other rsmv and you will see Vegas Pro.

  21. jammy5822 says:

    @JDJCMusic lol :D 

  22. jammy5822 says:

    awsome make some more…!!!!!

  23. jammy5822 says:

    @L0ppuy fuck off thats well good id liek to see u make one of them tehre soo hard to make!!!! so go die in a fire!!!!

  24. runescape9945 says:


  25. JDJCMusic says:

    @PSYCHODORA2 I’m just saying, you told some kid he spelled something wrong, but yet you used a word that doesn’t even exist in the English language.

  26. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @JDJCMusic niether is OMG, WTF or ROFL
    you dont have to type every word absolutely perfectly
    grow up and acknowledge the fact that i am better than you

  27. JDJCMusic says:

    “Spelt” isn’t a word, grammar troll fail?

  28. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @kitzurday95 :D
    win for you and your friends

  29. kitzurday95 says:

    thumbs up if justin beiber is doin your mom.

  30. kitzurday95 says:

    half of the watches. are mine :D

  31. TheMoronLabs15 says:

    How many times I tapped that, OVER 9000!!!!

  32. deatharrows411 says:

    i didnt see any girls,
    also 7 moms diliked this vid

  33. MrEriken says:


  34. L0ppuy says:

    @PSYCHODORA2 ginger

  35. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @L0ppuy you spelt “awesome” wrong

  36. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @trollin556 :D 

  37. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @estimaticguru eh?
    do you mean he died or my video was so bad that he died?

  38. cooltunacan says:


  39. PSYCHODORA2 says:

    @PivotMasterCalv i know…i always make mistakes but cant be bothered changin them!

  40. CatsYahooChor1929 says:

    Perhaps the kitty isn’t aiming towards the site we all feel and is also rather aiming for a place below, out of picture. I am talking about that’s an extraordinary don’t succeed for a pet

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