Runescape HD Moneymaking Guide F2P and P2P Fast

Runescape Free 2 Play Video of how to make money + smithing experience…. quite good money. Dunno im just guessing but probably can upto 200- 300k per hour… once again i don’t know im just guessing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

7 Responses to “Runescape HD Moneymaking Guide F2P and P2P Fast”

  1. casperbake says:

    For the extra take nothing or another iron to make an iron bar

  2. polkatots says:

    i do the same method very useful but i like to use falador and its closer to get to varrock but great vid thanx for the tip 5/5

  3. novakdare says:

    for the random item you can use a feather -_- think a little please.

  4. zyx296 says:

    EXP per hour is very low, and if you don’t draw out a random item you can have your player weigh a little bit less which means you wont run out of energy all to fast.

  5. novakdare says:

    yes as it says in the description box 200-300k of money per hour.. for exp im not sure sorry.

  6. novakdare says:

    np, i will upload a new one today i hope

  7. kebabmanenn says:

    gooooooooooooooood vid thx man! 10/5

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