Runescape – Gertrude’s Cat

This is a video guide helping you on Runescape member’s quest, “Gertrude’s Cat.” Post any comments, questions or requests on videos below. Items Needed: Bucket of Milk, Raw sardine, 200gp and a Doogle leaf (Can be found behind Gertrude’s house). *Rewards* – 1 Quest Point – A kitten – 1525 Cooking XP – A chocolate cake – A bowl of stew – The ability to raise cats All Video content of Runescape belongs to Jagex Limited. Play Runescape at:

this parrot seems to no these kittens need something to keep them busy and makes a toy out of the milk carton top

32 Responses to “Runescape – Gertrude’s Cat”

  1. qsheadsoff says:

    it says it wants more food lol

  2. TheMrTrassten says:

    It’s upstairs

  3. berabroorockass says:

    thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. TanJianWei92 says:

    I can’t find the kittens , i searched all jiggling box , nothing was found

  5. DopeFantastic says:

    What song is this mate?

  6. laaaaaaa9 says:

    hey where do you get the sardines

  7. deathclock5000 says:

    ok i searched all of the moving crates and i cant find the kitten. its really making me mad. i did everything!!!!

  8. MsBasketballfan says:

    ty alot

  9. LegoEquipment says:

    how can i get the kitten to follov me?

  10. michelin78 says:

    you need to be members………… duh

  11. pritty4in4pink says:

    were do u get the sardines?

  12. alistairf59 says:

    big help m8 thx

  13. kingalan3 says:

    man u cant do dis no more fuckkkkkkkkk

  14. netbattlemaster says:

    you find the leaves behind the house…

  15. SubZeroProductionZ says:

    Behind Gertrude’s house. Pay attention to the video!

  16. wwfls4 says:

    how do i get doogle leaves i cant find

  17. coakster3 says:

    Thanks man!

  18. oklolrs says:

    I search all jiggling crates but i cant see any “Meow” for kittes or anything

  19. SubZeroProductionZ says:

    Yeah, no problem. :)

  20. xxdannyyx says:

    ty great guide!! 5/5 <3 !!!!!!!!

  21. irundstreets says:

    hellz yeah youtube ftw expecially for quest guides…as long as the people know what there doin. nice vid man 5/5

  22. SubZeroProductionZ says:

    You find them behind Gertrude’s House, like I showed on the map. Pay attention. :D

  23. 24kawalec says:

    vere to find the doogie leaves

  24. MISSSOCCER19 says:

    how i get doogie leaves~

  25. nisse7124 says:

    thanks for this guide it’s awsome xD

  26. cubensisa says:

    the parrot is problem solver

  27. mrscotlandboi9 says:

    What kind of bird is that? So cute

  28. ICBMSS18 says:

    cats are so stupid

  29. OmgItTehMatt says:

    Aww. Too cute Deb. Tarzan is so nice!

  30. MissPingPongtree says:

    O M G !!!

  31. amyburningup says:

    lol tarzan rules

  32. tomsharpe11 says:

    You have an interesting house there ,
    Plenty to keep you occupied :)

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