RUNESCAPE Forgiveness of a chaos drawf/dwarf GLITCH (Commander Veldaban a cat!?) (FIRST TO SPOT IT!)

YES I HAVE REPORTED THIS GLITCH! Well i was doing the new Quest “Forgiveness of a chaos drawf” and i got to the part where you had Commander Veldaban follow you to the cave. I had my toy mouse whip thingy in my inv (dont ask, i had my kitten in there) and i weilded it and operated it and it did that! They used the same code as the pet cats. Enjoy, and plz dont abuse it. Adam
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19 Responses to “RUNESCAPE Forgiveness of a chaos drawf/dwarf GLITCH (Commander Veldaban a cat!?) (FIRST TO SPOT IT!)”

  1. stukiller1 says:


  2. CyanPartyhat says:

    *doing the quest atm* OMG i was so terrifying when he just dissapeared.. 0.o

  3. crazyhippo93 says:


    no problem :3

  4. KillaSabb1 says:

    yeh but i finished all u have to do is log off and back on rofl ty anyways

  5. crazyhippo93 says:

    @KillaSabb1 hmmmm u checked his headquarters?

  6. KillaSabb1 says:

    ya so he stopped following me because i went into the cave and back out hes nowhere to be found what should i do

  7. hardoncrimefromRS says:

    i found out it come from the title screen on the first spyro

  8. hardoncrimefromRS says:

    i found out it comes from the title screen on the first spyro

  9. crazyhippo93 says:

    lol :D 

  10. mofohofo says:

    oh okay cool ^_^ i hate u now!!!!! i want to play it sooo badd now…

  11. mofohofo says:

    it might be from 2 cause i had 2 or it might was 1 beacause at the beginig when u go to the lvl selecter to go to a new stage i think thats the music lmao i had 1 and 2

  12. crazyhippo93 says:

    hey, i see your wondering what Spyro song this comes from? Its comes from Spyro 1 :D well i think it does lol. Thats all it says on my sountrack list :S


  13. hardoncrimefromRS says:

    i’ll check and get back to you ok?

  14. hardoncrimefromRS says:

    i think it was from the first spyro. idk cuz i dont have the first one.

  15. mofohofo says:

    i knew that music from somewhere lol is this when he was like at the chinese look like place and he had to skateboard i think???

  16. hardoncrimefromRS says:

    love the spyro music man 5/5

  17. superdude6443 says:

    lol nice one 5/5

  18. MoCatsMaija442 says:

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