RuneScape – Cutscene from A Tail of Two Cats

I got bored and decided to film this cutscene from the Runescape quest A Tail of Two Cats featuring Bob the Jagex cat (who is apparently Robert the Strong!) and Dalton, my trusty (yet lazy) companion.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “RuneScape – Cutscene from A Tail of Two Cats”

  1. theepicone1 says:

    best quest ever love the bit with kbd :D 

  2. DerpyHoovesOffical says:

    lol your char must be thinking what the hell have i been drinking/eating im seeing talking cats O.o

  3. youdead115 says:

    orb of oculus, first floor of pyarmid plunder, u can see the very castle

  4. owester11 says:

    lazy cat’s haircut looks like a rockers.and i wanna congrat bob with the honeymoon with his gf! XD

  5. Lrrs2 says:

    @yaneribitch Very possibly, It would have been in the 3rd age in which this would have taken place =)

  6. yaneribitch says:

    was odysseus wearing 3rd age armor? ‘o.O

  7. OoYouFalled says:


  8. kinoc12 says:

    i always thought the dragonkin lived in those ruines east of the demonic ruins, since there’s a symbol of the stone of jas there, or so some ppl say

  9. Dacadvid says:

    Not necessarily. Before Drakan was Queen Efitary, an iceyne, which is apparently the Runescape politically correct angel. You learn about her in Myreque Part II, and there are hints that Safalaan is her great great great etc grandson. Drakan may have owned the castle prior to Efitary, but there is no proof either way, aside from the appearance.

  10. willpwn4cash says:

    yup becomeing a member is pretty cool but it takes a while to figure out how to do stuff

  11. deerlakes897 says:


  12. deerlakes897 says:

    no, when your cat is fully grown you can make it lazy and something else but you can name it when its lazy or the other thing

  13. dannybagoo says:

    is it worth becoming a member with the quests and all

  14. Demon012666 says:

    hey did you know that it was drakans castle ? Dragonkin lived there before Drakan

  15. xmax2442x says:

    did your cat go from dalton to lazt cat?

  16. scriptboi says:

    this was added on my b-day!

  17. homicidalpandastudio says:

    Nate…..Where are you man?

  18. dillonrules111222 says:

    i wish i could find bob!!!!!!!!!!

  19. homicidalpandastudio says:

    when the hell did u get blue hair?!

  20. ishmari14 says:

    i luv that quest :p

  21. SpotC4t5Byron says:

    absolutely no this is the best firearm amongst players

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