Runescape – Cute Kittens – Pk Video 1 – Low Level Gmaul Pking – High Specs

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Runescape – Cute Kittens – Pk Video 1 – Low Level Gmaul Pking – High Specs”

  1. WHAT2h says:

    SONG????? NICE VID

  2. havey2321 says:

    levelss :o ?

  3. KILLERWILSH says:

    how do you get the SPECIAL ATTACK thing

  4. iGzUPDATE says:

    check my vid pk

  5. zacary3333 says:

    a day to remember ftw :D

  6. IIRsGodII says:

    get 60 attack for d scim and dds :D

  7. RSGUY129 says:

    720M GIVEAWAY, Here is the Link: ” /watch?v=nSocwwvJUxQ ” GOODLUCK

  8. MerlockMan says:

    you should move g maul to second to bottom row :D helps switch better

  9. y0ganate says:

    few questions, do you have addy gloves? also what are your stats? str, range,, hp pray def mage atk etc. i am working on another pure which will be 71 str 80 rnge 60 hp 43 pray 1 def 50 atk and 80 mage with 59 cb.

  10. 2hworm says:

    AHHH my ears

  11. CuteKitt3ns says:

    @darks1deskill Its about 8-9mil

  12. hellfiredonkey says:


    Certainly an interesting music choice ;) Nice vid though.

  13. Davyc712 says:

    @portugalpaul nice signature fag

  14. Wiewowowned says:

    Great vid man especially since its ur 1st keep up the good work! =)

  15. RuneScapeRush says:

    what world are you pking in… seems to be perfect for me :)

  16. MrUltimatesupersayin says:


  17. portugalpaul says:

    Nice video brother, you did pretty good for your first time <3

    ~Pked U2 Fast

  18. darks1deskill says:

    how much your bank worth?

  19. stickrai says:

    @CuteKitt3ns hey nice vid. i enjoy editing, so if u got more clips can i edit :) ?

  20. CuteKitt3ns says:

    @iMissclicked I think i did a prettty good job editing for my first try

  21. iMissclicked says:

    get your brother to edit next time :3

  22. runescapeacerr says:

    love ur vids man

  23. redsoxgamer33 says:

    add me :D gfed by fc

  24. G0Ranginq says:

    Nice man, Add me? Rsn: Smoke O N E

  25. IlBllitzIl says:

    gl bro. maybe you can make it big :) you got potential.

  26. TagzLavone1004Kitt3n5 says:

    my personal kitty Camembert likes eating off the floor given that this individual scoops meals out of your bowl with his paw yet still constitutes a clutter

  27. MalkySteve says:

    discover about fostering a cat or even kitten or access the buddy’s. Rinse the hands after getting through a kitty should your nasal area itches or else you bust out. Keep the pet from the bedroom

  28. Asli211 says:

    Yeah, I’ve had this problem ahead of. Changeing antibiotics cleared my kitty up.

  29. CatsCiaffo524Nearly says:

    all of that pet needs is usually a go professional as well as a mentorship go well with

  30. GlamourKittensAmarah says:

    Completely differ with this. Animals are created to eat and drink from your soil

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