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You can tell we are very experienced corp slayers. Don’t even moan about my herblore level, in this video it was 53… It is currently 84 =] Music: Song: a faint memory Music produced by iamsleepless YouTube: Bandcamp:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. InsurrextionXD says:

    Hey guys, I have a Let’s Play Series on my channel with new videos added each day! Please check them out! :D

  2. sohaydos says:

    @GudiPlays i think some1s jealous of ur great vids

  3. dalatiroro95 says:

    l0l @kitten!!!

  4. multitudegamers says:

    @BandosGodDragon the darklight spec reduced the def by 5% making it easyier to kill :)

  5. multitudegamers says:

    fuck me i get so fucking made when jagex fuck me and i dont eat but dam corping so much fun ~:)

  6. GudiPlays says:

    @IncredibleOot I would but it is very out of sync with what happens for some reason :(

  7. IncredibleOot says:

    AHHHHHHHHHH record ur mouse lol. love this channel too <3

  8. BandosGodDragon says:

    Why did you use darklight?

  9. owners606 says:

    how to get dark light and what does it do?

  10. GudiPlays says:

    @SirAgentCheese Yeah… Absolutely nothing… *Turns adv log to private and runs with divine*

  11. SirAgentCheese says:

    @iDerpHD we havnt got anything yet :P

  12. SirAgentCheese says:

    @lmMichaelRS its still on his channel, called “Runescape – Jagex, Employ Us – Bonus Anti-lure Clip – GudiPlays”

  13. chewy3123 says:


  14. lmMichaelRS says:

    Thumbs up. Where did the dragon botter killing video go?

  15. iDerpHD says:

    so, u get anything?

  16. cheeseontoast14 says:

    AWESOME VIDEO, simple as : )

  17. BenxUberraschtx says:

    @GudiPlays cute

  18. GaminggStudios says:

    so funny, epic videos :D keep it up gudi&friends!

  19. JolhnDesigns says:

    I love the background music lol. It makes it not boring.

  20. ShuffleonRs says:

    I really like the chilled out background music :]

  21. TacoCat666 says:

    That was hilarious x)

  22. cpthr33 says:

    fucking dislike bots

  23. TinyOnRS says:

    bring a mith crossbow :D

  24. GudiPlays says:

    @crazyspy0 I don’t really care much for ratings. If i see 20 likes, 25 dislikes and 20 comments that are all positive then i can still get an idea of whether or not people enjoyed the video =] And that is all that really counts.

  25. crazyspy0 says:

    just disable ratings for a bit

  26. CatsMonsterVaughn1726 says:

    I just love big shorthair cats. They may be so lovable. Thankful she has been reunited with your ex managers.

  27. ChaviRappa says:

    Perhaps the pet isn’t aiming for the best place most of us feel and is alternatively focusing on someplace below, away from picture. I mean that’s a magnificent don’t succeed for any kitty

  28. CatsAgoras808Nearly says:

    There are completed the actual can regarding fresh air thing before and this usually function great, but our cats and kittens at the moment are scared to passing away of their thing

  29. DoraieDora340 says:

    I have to be eating the cats super food because they’re way too smart for this perhaps

  30. KittensDaria1077Phat says:

    The good news, you may not trip around the pet at night

  31. Kittensed1137 says:

    I am greatly allergic for you to pet cats as well as dog saliva. Within a few moments regarding experience of a cat house, My partner and i begin splitting out in hives, my eyes great close along with my personal neck ends.

  32. KittensPolina137Stargal says:

    You should throw any Banging GRENADE AT IT Which get it really excellent

  33. C4t5WorldSeliba says:

    we’ve got two feral kittens and cats Frumisera and Mao-Tse Tung that contain domesticated

  34. KehindechosKehinde says:

    in addition you will find there’s strategy to overcome the terrible smell clean up the particular kitten each day and also put it back at least once per month

  35. DefeliceLover says:

    We used to utilize the spray bottle one of the four kittens and cats we have now when your woman was while using houseplants in order to poo in

  36. GameKeaton56Kittens says:

    absolutely no this can be a finest firearm in the game

  37. FateOlli says:

    I adore precisely how she’s moaning the entire period

  38. Kitt3n5Brainy says:

    my cat Little Richard likes having started since this individual scoops meals out of your serving along with his foot and still creates a blunder

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