Runescape Classic dwarf cannon

Me buying a dwarf cannon on Runescape Classic Cost me 750k :l All the content belongs to Jagex Ltd. The song belongs AmbushReality, i am merely advertising the song. *Note!* do not fall for the scam websites they steal your password!, the only way to play Runescape Classic is through ^ l l Spread this message around all Runescape Classic Videos. Copyright 1999 – 2009 Jagex Ltd. Jagex is a registered trademark of Jagex Limited in the United Kingdom and a trademark used in other countries of the world.
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A step by step guide for those of you that want to do small quests like this as fast as possible and get it out of the way. Enjoy. Comment and Rate. Looking for an RS Clan? Check out Entangled Entity on the RS Forums.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “Runescape Classic dwarf cannon”

  1. RSCEmulation says:

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  2. fonzierox56 says:

    @speedstakerguy fires meatballs XD

  3. fonzierox56 says:

    @jmballer25 rs then was better

  4. speedstakerguy says:

    ”fires metal balls”


  5. xHEARTxBEATINGx says:


  6. jmballer25 says:

    so funny the rs then to the rs now

  7. multivideonoob says:

    @vaughn207 we can now :D

  8. spongetmmovies says:

    @TheSuperworms theres hack wheere people can take you cannon

  9. Koin101deadlydrop says:

    lol the dwarf engineering is terrible at making deals. 4 pieces, 200,000 each or 750,000 for whole. 200,000 x 4 = 800,000 – 750,000 = 50,000 BTW the dward cannon seems so gay at RS clasic

  10. Maoud2 says:

    eeew it looks sooooooo much wierder than new cnanon

  11. WeSsL88 says:

    go to rscangel (.) org to play on private server im playin to much other people too

  12. vaughn207 says:

    i want to play the old version now!

  13. ripleysar says:

    just because of the music this is 5 star!

  14. dunn5050 says:

    it sat there to long, gotta go get it back, idk who to talk to, its free though

  15. TheSuperworms says:

    pleace help me!
    my cannon has bin “destroyed”
    it just disappeared

  16. kepster67 says:

    good old times…

  17. dirtboy100 says:

    ugh is there any1 online???

  18. Feedmadcat says:

    Is the fire animation just the regular green projectile animation without the cannon barrels turning? :D

  19. asimplewasteman says:

    lol i miss classic rs : (

  20. asimplewasteman says:

    rofl : p

  21. Bigjoe618 says:

    Wtf is that piece of thing….lol

  22. jaypeze123 says:

    omg old runescape its change soooooo much!

  23. jeddster says:

    mmm i guess ^^

  24. d3day2day says:

    nice video but it owuld be more epic if you had some cannon balls and used it with the cannon :P

  25. thaweemee says:

    my location was at the fucking trolls in burthrope -__________-

  26. fred127321 says:

    hey i got the same location that were u find bob in catherby but i need to find bob again to do the final cut scene so i can finish the quest add me sas 300

  27. BURNING3821 says:

    catspeek amulet?

  28. andyluo21 says:

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  29. ot2kloon says:

    lawl bob is at the friggin chaos temple and i was thinking wth are you doing there? but it was for the quest…

  30. zamorakftw88 says:

    loved the part where bob is like. yeah me and the king go way back,
    lol range n00b

  31. 9988joshua says:

    lol i found cat same place u did.

  32. ChocoElite says:

    lol, almost clicked on the 5 minute cutscene. That would have been a waste of time XD

    awesome guide :)

  33. MultiSiege1 says:

    nice guide thanks

  34. DarrenShanFan1 says:

    Nice walkthrough, helped me out. Hey, could you tell me the song you used for this video? Thanks!

  35. BuddhaL0rd says:

    Very nice guide, thanks

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