RuneScape bugs en glitches 2

Here are some Runescape bugs and glitches. Best watched in High Detail. Rundervretar’s channel: Kitty M3ow’s channel: Music used: DJ Splash bass is kicking, DJ Splash days goes by, DJ Splash This is my life. I do not own this music, all rights go to the maker. Copyright © 1999 – 2008 Jagex Ltd. Jagex and RuneScape are registered trademarks of Jagex.

Please thumb up the video if you think it’s worth it, as me and the editor put a lot of effort into it, thanks. Edited by; please check him out aswell. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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44 Responses to “RuneScape bugs en glitches 2”

  1. pkf0rtzh4arutube says:

    + the gold ore one, you pick an item that sells imidiately. you click on buy, and imidiately click on the offer and pick the item. so when you go back, the gold ore offer still be there, while its taken

  2. gyilk0s says:

    It is IMPOSSISBLE to clear all the clays in 3 mins! Even the fast sc clans can not harvest all the clays in 3 mins! It takes at last 10-12 mins!
    It must be a glitch, not fake.

  3. megabezemboy says:

    yes ;)

  4. s1k00 says:

    u can cut willows and do fishing at the same tym in daynor

  5. Omarllll says:

    It’s normal that it has no backhead O_o?

  6. powerrob10pk says:

    the mime is normal

  7. shPUNISHER says:


  8. pkf0rtzh4arutube says:

    then say that in the video, so it doesnt seem fake.

  9. Omarllll says:

    OMG when I started the game it was like that and after 3 minutes it was still like that and when we finished it was still like that.

  10. pkf0rtzh4arutube says:

    how can that be if it says 16:35 mins left? u at least would have have played 3 mins then didnt you? oh well

  11. Omarllll says:

    I started the game with that =P

  12. pkf0rtzh4arutube says:

    the 1 min remaining isnt a glitch, all the clay was gone and then it says 1 minute remaining, but takes a sec be4 the time changes.

  13. xteam89 says:


  14. Omarllll says:

    Look in the description —>

  15. xteam89 says:

    hah nice and what song is it??

  16. shogunrai says:

    rofl the egg one was the best :D

  17. xXcalicatorXx says:

    nice bugs/glitches *5/5*

  18. rikmans6 says:

    heey main xp jhe ken meh wel XD… 5ster

  19. tomstery1 says:

    sweet and the mime thing was fake you were pushing the keys i found it obvious

  20. danialezzlan says:

    ur sht tbh

  21. rsjofa says:

    kalju hiiri

  22. JackedEcto says:

    did you take down the samba video? that was mah favorite D:

  23. LILMELEE says:

    best pker aka me

  24. Danny Becerra says:

    forgot u existed

  25. RyanApe96 says:

    song at 3:07?

  26. JordanPal94 says:

    Fluffy I think im in love!

  27. LILMELEE says:

    milann dropped at 1:23 sit kid

  28. rufusblabla says:

    lets dm in farmville kid

  29. bigfatinternet says:

    LOL @ 1:44

  30. Dah4ka104 says:

    did this fluffy guy die?????

  31. LILMELEE says:

    fuck u laine

  32. rufusblabla says:

    nah shit, s4rz0r owns u

  33. LILMELEE says:

    i like u

  34. TheDamnDukes says:

    i liked the first 2 mins =[

  35. duncandonutsert says:

    epic editing….

  36. duncandonutsert says:


  37. Kalapuikkosoppa says:

    ur mom sent me

  38. Kalapuikkosoppa says:

    moi taukki

  39. xxIDS75xx says:

    Id rather watch 15 mins of Edge than listening to any commentary, i hate commentarys.

    1. Why is everyone who plays this game socially retarded?
    2. Everyones talking bullshit
    3. People start screaming about loot, making me feel really sad for even playing this.

    i havent watched your commentary’s but that ^ counts for like all of them.

  40. NiggaProof says:

    i fucking love your editor

  41. TheANoobChannel says:

    My hands in my dick when i watch dis vid

  42. jumpfever says:

    Yesh M88

  43. LILMELEE says:

    who are you to tell LOL

  44. RSmagebank says:

    good loot kills i guess ur bridding is horrid though

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