RuneScape – A Tail of Two Cats

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to get a purple cat on runescape? All explained in this ownage guide. Released during helloween event 2008 together with trick-or-treat and swept away quest. If you want your cat to be purple, check out this guide made by Fireblast657!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

53 Responses to “RuneScape – A Tail of Two Cats”

  1. RockAndCoal says:

    @TheChocolajeable get trolled

  2. 639domas says:

    Easy find bob! Love 5min work

  3. LewisMattTramping says:

    This is suck a gay quest looking for bob!!!!! :(

  4. eminemforlifenoshit says:

    @eminemforlifenoshit i was suggesting she was i said it’s possible lol i thought you were basing it on her voice like the majority of the people here.

  5. nbaplaya13 says:

    @eminemforlifenoshit ive seen her i real life, I dont think so

  6. eminemforlifenoshit says:

    @nbaplaya13 she could be 500 pounds mate.

  7. nbaplaya13 says:

    amber is sexy

  8. thajackass1234 says:

    i found bob near the wildy ditch, it was in a safe spot, north of monastery… someone can try to look there. :) hope it helped

  9. naodude23 says:

    took me like 20 mins for the damn potatos to grow!

  10. 0Dwarfish0 says:

    I hate this quest… running all over runescape :/

  11. iStrazzella says:

    Mines somewhere in Burthorpe..near Trolls or something. Spend hours trying to find it and still no luck =/

  12. Rogenko says:

    Bob is the biggest bitch in the world to find in Burthorpe

  13. wnag0s0n says:

    omfg… im doing the quest and suddenly find my self running to the wildy ditch like cmon complete the shit.

  14. wnag0s0n says:

    goingcrazy do u actually like quests? personally i find they boring as fk.

  15. 45BATISTA says:



  16. 45BATISTA says:

    this quest fails. jagex should have put something like this

    when your like far away from the cat but near the , the amlut should say go west
    not just point in the same direction fuck that man …

  17. 45BATISTA says:

    i fken found the cat at wildy at bandit camp

  18. besitser says:

    seed dibbLer XD

  19. iiiml0sto1 says:

    serious this quest sucks.. jagex failed at the amulet part fk this is anoying

  20. alfarex25 says:

    @MediaPlayMe lol just hop worlds if u cant find bob…

  21. MediaPlayMe says:

    i was on the most northen part of rs and my amulet still pointed nort

  22. elixersnuts86 says:

    @Hoops355 FAIL!

  23. elixersnuts86 says:

    @Hoops355 troller

  24. Hoops355 says:

    @murglan desperate virgin aint you heard a females voice before?

  25. xCoffeeNWeedx says:

    mins started out as SW and ended up finding him at master fletchers

  26. MizCrocker says:

    If it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve never figured out that puzzle! TY VM!!!! I can’t give you an air hug, but I can give you a virtual hug, I guess. *Virtual Huggles* Again, ty!

  27. akitoheart says:

    You talk to wendy, a witch’s apptrentice then you talk to lottie to do a puzzle. Though you have to finish a quest first called “Swept Away”.

  28. WalkinDeath1997 says:

    ummm i talked to maggie andd she said to talk to betty but theres nothing about cats

  29. Piiiechart says:


  30. kewapable says:

    they are in dranor now next to the bridge to the wizard tower

  31. Nahtan218 says:

    awesome song awesome vid and awesome purple cat thx dude

  32. JohnBeckham2 says:

    this doesn’t explain a fucking thing what girl do you talk to, to ask about purple cats…. and the celler wont open

  33. bassgituitar74 says:


  34. Jericrockz77 says:

    wow in been 2 months since a person commeted

  35. ill000wnu says:

    ooooo no i cant open the celler what should i do?

  36. Superheat88 says:


  37. FamousBaller08 says:

    can u still get cat??

  38. swanny812 says:

    aww no purple kitty for me =(

  39. TtigFilms says:

    thanks man awesome vid 6/5

  40. fizzanter says:

    woot lol tyvm

  41. jscole000 says:

    thank you so much!
    now i have a purple cat!

  42. golden4light says:

    ty dude now i got purple cat ^^

  43. ksbonez says:

    Omg <3 this song!

  44. OmgitzEcchi says:


  45. xubernoob says:


  46. EmiratesA340 says:

    thanks dude

  47. SupraSerenity says:


  48. 111zappto111 says:

    ye i got a purple cat as well the Halloween event was really cool this year i hope that the Christmas event is gonna be as big as this one!

  49. Fireblast657 says:

    its at credits and if i am not wrong its 3 doors down – kryptonite

  50. XxViper150xX says:

    song please for 1st?

  51. CatsHarkaranShun says:

    I’m greatly hypersensitive to help pet cats and also to pet spit. In seconds connected with experience the cat dwelling, I start out bursting out in hives, my face great near as well as the throat finalizes.

  52. CatsecologBeynon says:

    virtually no here is the very best weapon amongst players

  53. FunBethany188Kitt3n5 says:

    Why don’t you place the Screwing GRENADE AT IT Which gets promoted excellent

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