Ruby Cat – Reality Series #9 – Little Ruby (Pt. 1)

Ninth episode of the webseries Ruby Cat. The first video of Ruby as a kitten. Subscribe to be notified when the sequel is uploaded. Music used is “Sleepy Teddy Bear” by Alexander Stamenkovic. All Rights Reserved.

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

50 Responses to “Ruby Cat – Reality Series #9 – Little Ruby (Pt. 1)”

  1. SomeChickWhoDraws says:

    I demand ruby to be the cutest cat ever. I faved <3333

  2. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Haha :D Glad you love it!

  3. 2darbit says:

    Don’t you just love her. Precious….the way she boxed at the end.

  4. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Thank you Anna (: I’m glad you liked it!

  5. AnnaJohnsonMusic says:

    Adorable! Very lovely music too! ~Anna

  6. marion2141 says:

    Ruby Cat is a real Star*

  7. thefunpro says:

    What an adorable kitten! How could you resist making a whole youtube channel around this cutie pie? :)

  8. OriginalRubyCat says:

    I’m glad you do! :D

  9. jennifergwaine says:

    I look forward to it! :) 

  10. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Haha :D Thank you! Part II will be uploaded tomorrow-evening! (;

  11. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Glad you do! :D Thanks for the nice comment! (:

  12. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Haha ;) thankz!

  13. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Thankyou Boozle!

  14. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Glad it helps you relaxing :) Thanks for the nice comment! Meow and purrs from Ruby!

  15. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Thank you! <3 Meows and purrs from Ruby!

  16. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Haha :D Glad you liked it!

  17. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Thanks! :D

  18. OriginalRubyCat says:

    Thanks! :D I love them too! ;)

  19. teufelszunge says:

    Sweet cat! …..I love cats!
    Very good video!*****

  20. jennifergwaine says:

    What a tiny sweet little girl. She is so darling.

  21. uwe2602 says:

    Sweet Cat :-) i love it. *****

  22. Torn80cj says:

    That is one pertiful kitten. :)

  23. BoozleTheCat says:

    Very cute!!

  24. A3737AA says:

    Thank you! Wonderful video which gives relaxation to my heart.
    (Kawaii) is the strongest! This cute Kitty.

  25. BonBonBatman says:

    Ruby is precious and adorable :)

  26. Oswald Armstrong says:

    my cats knit and crochet for me

  27. dcone32 says:

    Wow that was a really angry cat

  28. Tianaisawesome1 says:

    Ghoris 1 thats what people say but I have the most hated animals on earth and my animals are calm and playful my animals are pit bull Persian and doberman so you can stop talking crap. Uz your a fail

  29. Redlens73 says:

    Shit, if I were a cat named Burger and was living in a cage like some wild animal, I’d be pissed off too.

  30. UpYoursNightmare says:

    I bet the cat was angry because “He can’t hazz cheeseburger”

  31. famousspartans says:

    Ahh it’s the grind!

  32. MysticLightning2K12 says:

    Wtf? Why would you call a cat burger

  33. ghoris says:

    Cats are assholes. Why people have them as pets is beyond me. Put ‘em all down.

  34. bcount1 says:

    Don’t pet that Kitty!!!!

  35. Brittneyjones99gmail says:

    That was annoying but funny at the same time ah hahahahah:)

  36. Cittilad says:

    Cat Want his damn chicken n kook- aid

  37. jeromejjjames69 says:

    The cat is like a nigga

  38. xoxolrxoxo123 says:

    I feel bad for that cat…they probably touture it and don’t care about it and be mean to it so it doesn’t like people so it does that because its terrified

  39. TheSweetcherry64 says:

    That cat is sooooo mean

  40. zaph1987 says:

    Id be pissed off if I had no ears and some fugly chick was filimg me in a cage.

  41. MrPokemon87654 says:


  42. Imakeulolx3 says:

    Poor kitty is possessed

  43. Imakeulolx3 says:

    I think the poor cat is possessed

  44. Tonylewis2000 says:

    Satan I rebuke you out of that cat!!!

  45. TaviaNaturalBeauty says:


  46. TaviaNaturalBeauty says:


  47. marianaguerrero10 says:

    That is soooooo sad!!!!

  48. yosyua9 says:


  49. samantha3865 says:

    I think it knows Wat a burger is

  50. randomnesguy12 says:

    that is one pissed off cat!

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