Ruby and her adoptive kittens

Ruby is our boston x and is a very loving animal…here her female instincts took over with our two new kittens, Wiscas and Garfield. What amazes me is that she has never been a mother herself.

3 Responses to “Ruby and her adoptive kittens”

  1. Petraikom says:

    my personal pet Mr. Sonny wants taking in started given that he / she scoops foods from the jar along with his paw and still produces a clutter

  2. HighRya675 says:

    however, such as, wouldn’t this specific pet have grown to be feral It was a new kitten in the event it ran absent!

  3. CatstrapRhyanna1480 says:

    I’d been vastly sensitized in order to cats until I needed a roommate whose cat Yessirree wanted to sleeping beside me every single night

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