Re:Sips plays Atom Zombie Smasher – Part 12 – The Battle For Falagolu

A reply on Sips video!
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25 Responses to “Re:Sips plays Atom Zombie Smasher – Part 12 – The Battle For Falagolu”

  1. GooMusicGirl says:

    grow up & become more competent before you realize how stupid you were when you were a kid wasting your time on stuff like this ._.

  2. darthvader123ham says:

    get a life u little COC* FUC* OFF U DUMB LITTLE COC*AS*!!!

  3. Zerostare says:


  4. fanking96 says:

    STOP!!!! U SUCK!!!

  5. NoseDiveGaming says:


  6. nyanlord says:

    Im a nyancat and no poptarts for you
    you get oatmeal poptarts

  7. KendokaInuzuka says:


  8. BonsaiBrandy says:

    “Hey guys, sorry i havent made a video in a while…..” we were happier without your shity little video kid…

  9. Eddue100 says:

    why dont you just stop plzzzzzzzzz no one likes you and i will report for spam for such a shit vid and begging us to subscribe so ur account will be deleted and no one cares.

  10. mrfigfag says:

    What is the point on doing a review on other videos? Trust me, you are wasting your time. Kid knowone likes your videos. So stop stealing fame of other people.

  11. IllTryButNoPromises says:


  12. 1catpoop1 says:

    OIE FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE SHIT! WE ALREADY GOT RID OF THAT RETARDED GIRL “REPLYGIRL” listen, leave now before the internet fucks you over………..

  13. Adestructionproduct says:

    Fucking wanker

  14. xXAlphaGazelleXx says:


  15. Ghostlybean says:

    Seriously no-one cares what you think.

  16. Jellyhunters says:

    who would like these videos?!

  17. Zerostare says:

    The background noise. What is happening?

  18. SuperParodies1 says:

    you guys are assholes hes just a kid trying to have fun makeing some videos of what he likes let him do it and stop being dicks.

  19. cambone729 says:

    Hey kid did you know yogscast dislikes reply video folks, also your mic needs to stop being shitty

  20. failloggerable says:

    reply vids are getting old, but a least you give some views of it, putting a point across.

  21. Lightness9363 says:

    Stop making reviews and delete your channel.

  22. drd190 says:

    u rely should stop doing reviews. we already had o feal with replygirl, now u!!!
    just stop

  23. FireGokko says:

    Stop doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Breckan625 says:

    feck off and stop this shit

  25. YoungChyna290 says:

    Your kitten Sherman Tank got missing with England regarding In search of several weeks

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