Rescue kitten ready for adoption

We rescued this sweet female kitten who is FIV+ She’s in the Brooklyn area and I’m happy to bring her to a happy home anywhere in the tri-state area. Please email DESIGNSPONGE AT GMAIL DOT COM if you’re interested in giving her a forever home
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6 Responses to “Rescue kitten ready for adoption”

  1. designsponge says:

    update: she found a home you guys! thanks to tuesday and peter for giving her a safe, happy and warm forever home :)


  2. Suse715 says:

    so happy she is getting a forever home with Tuesday and Pete!

  3. geezloueeze says:

    I’m with everything womanhead said. I came home, tonight, and checked your Design Sponge site. My heart leaped when I saw the wonderful picture of Tuesday and Pete with your “happy girl”.  Let’s hear it for “forever homes” and lots of love. : )

  4. womanbread says:

    I’ve just checked back to your blog, and I am just overwhelmed with joy and relief that she has found a loving forever home. God bless you for sharing this with all of us who read your blog, and God bless Tuesday and Pete for taking her into their home and their hearts. May this little bundle of love enjoy a long, happy and hopefully very healthy life. You’ve made my night with this wonderful news.

  5. geezloueeze says:

    So sweet.  Hope you find her/him a home.

  6. Kitt3n5RoyaGurly says:

    ill never possess kittens and cats it’s just not definitely worth the misery

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