Really fun piano pieces to play?

Question by Gothlady: Really fun piano pieces to play?
I would love for some up tempo, catchy piano pieces. I have been playing for about 9 years, so I can play more challenging pieces. The one song that completely stumped me though, is Kitten on the Keys by Zez Confrey. That piece is sooo hard… I would love for it to be jazz, but if it’s anything else, that’s awesome too.
They need to be findable on the internet for free please.
@ CJ: I’m sorry, but that’s way too pop for me…
@Eric James: Too mainstream, probably too easy to play too
@ Greg: It doesn’t have to be legal :) Actually I’ve always wanted to try the maple leaf rag. It looks fun
@ Sneha: A little too easy…
@Pearl Furgason: I’ve heard someone at my piano school play root beer rag before. I thought it was really cool. Just wasn’t sure what the name was. I’ll try to see if I can find it :)

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Answer by Corey Jansma
One of my all time favorite piano pieces is called A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. I wish I could play piano just to play this song.

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  1. Eric James says:

    Any of Franz Schuberts songs
    Fun-Fireflies by that one gay guy who was famous for like a month OWL CITY thats it

  2. Greg says:

    For free? Legally, that rules out any modern pop songs, and most jazz. Have you tried any Joplin rags?

  3. Sneha says:

    J. Haydn – Scherzo, its fast, fun and catchy
    J. Haydn – Gypsy Rondo. You would like haydn

  4. Pearl Furgason says:

    Root beer rag by billy joel is super fun and so is Prelude/ Angry young man, also by billy joel.

  5. Samantha says:

    houki boshi by younha, its a piano conversion of a japanese pop song but i think its a good challance.
    if you want a REAL challange, try ‘those who fight’ and ‘sanctuary’ piano covers, there from games and we all know that games have the best music but there is this guy on youtube who is INSANE! his name is kyle laundry and i concider him to be something of a god!!
    thee is another piece called ‘kids run through steet corners’ which is a trueely captivating piece, it sounds so beautiful!
    and ”memorys of the lightwave” can nearly bring me to tears cause its such a nice piece, another one from finan fantasy 10-2. you will find the sheet music for all of these if you just goole there names and sheet music on the end.

    im not very good on piano but i have learned some of these, currently learned those who fight and im soooo happy i can finally play it!!

    hope this helps =D

  6. CatsThiefLeiland says:

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