Re: Tyler Weinman The Cat Killer arrested Charged w/ Animal Mutalation (Serial Killer)

(ChattahBox) New details have emerged about the young man they are calling a cat serial killer, after he allegedly brutally mutilated and killed several dozen cats. Tyler Hayes Weinman, an 18-year-old who lives in both areas where the killings occurred, splitting time between his divorced parents homes, was described as a nice, outgoing guy who was well liked. He helped out at a local swim club for youngsters as a counselor, and was even described as the class clown by friends talking to the Miami Herald. As a matter of fact, several of the neighbors who had animal carcasses ripped apart and thrown into their yards are convinced that the police have the wrong person. But the pattern, and the personality, fit more than they may think. The facts being released about Weinman show a popular, outgoing, charming young man who loves animals (dogs, in particular). They also portray a number of arrests for unnamed petty crimes, and a total lack of concern for his arrest. Mug shots of Weinman show him smiling slightly at the camera, looking genuinely uncaring about the circumstances. The picture painted is a disturbing one, with patterns common to psychopaths, in fact it looks like something close to a checklist. A charming, well liked boy, a criminal record of budding crimes, and a history of torturing animals are several elements looked at in cases of serial killers. In fact, it is really only the number of animals that he began throwing sadistically into the neighbors yard, even
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52 Responses to “Re: Tyler Weinman The Cat Killer arrested Charged w/ Animal Mutalation (Serial Killer)”

  1. MarkTheGardenGnome says:

    @dabidosan Oh Mark my words he pissed the police off, He is fkd in the worst way, he deserves what he has coming, he fkd up when he Killed an officers Family member , Oh its all good he will answer …

  2. MarkTheGardenGnome says:

    @900234kool Amen to that , but he killed a Cops cat so , I am 100% certain he will be fkd in time…. Trust me that Cop was fkn pissed…

  3. MarkTheGardenGnome says:

    @chinkle0  1 year

  4. TheFoxandTheRabbit says:

    wtf, why do people leave their animals out any way ? unattended, ? and i mean literally. like all night, or go away and a dog is on a chain, tied to a tree ? these people just do not have to/ need to have pets. that would decrease animals being abused by AT LEAST 40%. wtf?

  5. Elhock says:

    i’d love to form a cat-killer vigilante group

  6. chinkle0 says:

    are cats killers imprisoned in US? and how long?

  7. dabidosan says:

    @Vercettislugger I strongly believe in second chances and finding the goodness in other but, I definitely see your point. The only good that has come from this situation in my opinion is that everyone: Parents, Psychiatrists, the law, youtubers…will definitely be monitoring his behavior.

  8. Vercettislugger says:

    @dabidosan He would have moved on to people at some point. This vague concept of a sacrifice you mention is in vain.

  9. 900234kool says:

    were dose he live i will make sure he can’t walk

  10. 13thmistral says:

    @dabidosan maybe not a kid
    he atacked cats
    he is said to be a sociopath
    i think he likes to ave an worthy oponent

  11. BananaCube3 says:


  12. sunnersunner1 says:

    please help us find the “1 boy 2 kittens murder” he is from Miami and I believe Tyler Weinman was not the real killer and this kid is and hes still killing cats.

  13. dabidosan says:

    As hard as this is to say….perhaps it was ok those cats died. In a VERY WEIRD way they offered their lives in sacrifice. AFTER ALL, the court psychologist determined that Tyler is a sociopath. If it wasn’t a cat…..unfortunately it may have been a human…most likely a child. Basically, the cats took on the abuse so that somebody’s son or daughter didn’t have to. Yeah…sounds deranged, I know.

  14. SnakeO says:

    Sup Keanu.

  15. lockdownrocks says:

    You are too stupid to make an arguement. Your theories are pathetic and almost thoughtless.

  16. QueenAlexiaAshford27 says:

    He needs to die. NOW.

  17. thedarksideofbetty says:

    Cats are amazingly lovable and beautiful creatures… animal cruelty breaks my heart.

  18. BIBLIFE says:

    Does anyone know the name of the attorney who tried to stand in for Macey in june?

  19. PigsCanFly99 says:

    investigate serial cat killings continue, another mutilated cat, cat killer strikes again .. you might wanna minus miami and or tyler … this stuff has been happening for years .. it’s the inner city equivaltent to alien-inspired cattle mutilaton .. I’m not kidding. If it’s dogs, coyotes or foxes .. show me the trace saliva. Always the same MO .. surgical precise .. no blood .. narrow window of opportunity .. returned ot owner’s yard. Search for Tony Warr +ufo

  20. ladywifwaf says:

    fucking hell this guy is an attention seeking twat

  21. SLEEPy2k16 says:

    you need a bullet to the head

  22. Aslermole says:

    I’ll grab this guy and do the same torture to him las those “Saw” movies, so he have to eat his own hands to survive. Now, that’s poetic justice.

  23. Aslermole says:

    Yeah, try slam your son/daughter /brother or sister repeatedly against a wall by the feet, then let’s see if your life is worth something, you moron.>:[

  24. GriffinInverno says:

    is that some kind of a joke? LOL! funny!

  25. TheDevotii says:

    raining snakes, haha

  26. 123pivot456 says:

    so your saying Chuck Norris created the Hunny badger to mirror himself in the animal kingdom

  27. CrucialCritics says:

    He is OGFurious right?

  28. spyrolad says:

    Wait, Why aren’t we searching these jellyfishes genomes and modifying stuff right now?
    Shame I missed immortality though :(

  29. TurtwigsaysMudkip says:

    Zzzzzzzzzz TARDIGRADE

  30. TurtwigsaysMudkip says:

    No…. The newest epicest animal is the z

  31. MrVeps1 says:

    Did you know that to become a man, boys in a tribe with a name I can’t seem to remember, put their hand in a glove filled with bullet-ants for 10 minutes, causing excruciating pain and temporary paralysis? And did you know they have to repeat this process every few months for an extended period of time?

  32. vinaymalhotra258 says:

    what’s the dinosaur called

  33. GeekStop1 says:

    but what if I really really REALLY liked it? D:

  34. casper4907 says:

    Honey badgers are so cool :)

  35. youngTao says:

    What the name of those assassin ants? I’de love to learn more

  36. killerchops says:

    lobsters are biologically immortal

  37. MrKorpiklanni says:

    Honey badger dont give a shit

  38. IDanielMcG says:

    Yes, I did just make this video get 1337 likes

  39. the1exnay says:

    @zhade33 dont worry humans havent decided to start doing such yet so even though u are a pedophile u dont have to worry, yet

  40. anigamii says:

    so that’s why the japs hates daulphins

  41. hondarider5216 says:


  42. PVP100prcnt says:

    The most badass animal is OGFurious’ cat.

  43. Coax116 says:

    Can really hear the furious in you coming out in this video.

  44. erikthemagicalpanda says:

    @afrogirlshusha he’s the best actor alive :T

  45. afrogirlshusha says:

    How teh hell are you OG Furious ?!

  46. FallOutAndDown says:

    @ib5995 Still a honey badger…. with an arrow to the knee… it also loses the option to be an adventurer.

  47. HELLCAT2012 says:

    @xjFIRST I did

  48. jcIsInURHouse says:

    Volcanoes lololololol…..

  49. zhade33 says:

    wtf!! Dolphins really do that. O.O

  50. KittensCharmsAnam1152 says:

    Bear in mind, cats and kittens are usually great with pictures but you will not be really supposed to deliver them within. They are barn wildlife for finding rodents.

  51. Nunamaak1389 says:

    have faith, they will often land on the website toes specifically from higher heights

  52. FleaChirag1462 says:

    holy rubbish he seems jus like the tabby.. his or her label can be Prince Charles

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