Rapunzel Tries to Bring Fun to the Party

A random Disney/MLP:FIM Video. PS: If you need to see the original to see what the heck is supposed to be going on: youtu.be *PLOT* In this segment, Rapunzel tries to liven up a party with a song number.(Wow, a band with a kitten, parrot, elephant and hen, no wonder they couldn’t afford anything fancier) Meanwhile, Belle has issues trying to get away from random strangers to talk to the princess, Cinderella unsuccessfully tries to sell things, Ariel tries to impress Lady and Flynn, Jasmine has to deal with a royal pain of a Prince Charming, and Snow White has trouble getting to meet some animal friends. ::CAST::: Rapunzel as Pinkie Pie Belle as Twilight Sparkle Cinderella as Applejack Ariel as Rainbow Dash Jasmine as Rarity Snow White as Fluttershy Prince Charming as Prince Blueblood Eric as Pony who gets tripped by AJ Lady and Flynn as Spitfire and Soarin’ Snow White’s Animal Friends as the Scared Garden Animals Berlioz, Ze, Lady Kluck and Elephant Trumpeter as the Gala Band Lady Tremaine as Lyrica
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27 Responses to “Rapunzel Tries to Bring Fun to the Party”

  1. gryffonmanic says:


  2. RunawayComics says:

    point made :) so ur going to do more mlp/disney stuff? yeah! :D

  3. gryffonmanic says:

    oh yeah! Maleficent as NMM, that’s what we have, too! Well, since this is a Disney spoof, I don’t think Eris would count here…

  4. RunawayComics says:

    huh….i actually thought of Kida as celestia for a moment or two, but as good luna is an awsome thought same with facilier as discord :D
    i actually had this small thought that nighmare moon was kinda like maleficent if i may suggest :) or maybe eris…

  5. gryffonmanic says:

    If I’m not mistaken, someone suggested Aurora as Celestia, Kida as Luna and Facilier as Discord

  6. RunawayComics says:

    u come up with who celestia and luna would be? or maybe discord it be awsome to see him :D

  7. gryffonmanic says:

    If she ever did go to that scary side, she’d probably be just as creepy as her evil stepmother when she was the old hag!

  8. RoseRed12393 says:

    I absolutely love this, especially Snow White’s part. Can you imagine her completely flying off the handle?


  9. crystalfairy912 says:

    Maybe for Celestia, you could cast Odette?

  10. gryffonmanic says:

    Yeah, I think she deserves better reception from the audience. Although, I feel a little more sorry for those poor animals, and the band, too.

  11. RobertsonBrendyn says:

    I feel sorry for Rapunzel at the end. And Belle with Gaston? Talk about deja vu.

  12. gryffonmanic says:

    Well, one of my buddies suggested switching to Ariel. I dunno, maybe it’s because of Dash’s fiery, rebel personality

  13. RobertsonBrendyn says:

    Nice work. I though Mulan was Rainbow Dash.

  14. gryffonmanic says:

    For some reason, that part sorta freaked me out when I first saw it (Along with the crazy evil laugh and the “YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE ME!!”)

  15. twilightangel004 says:

    I like when Snow White was trying to get the animals.

  16. gryffonmanic says:

    Thanks. any moments you like here?

  17. twilightangel004 says:

    I can see Rapunzel as Pinkie Pie.

  18. gryffonmanic says:

    From what I’ve established, Aurora is Celestia and Kida is Luna

  19. TheAcornPrincess says:

    Okay… so I understand most of the cast now….


  20. MrRobloxrules123 says:


  21. gryffonmanic says:

    That would work, but I don’t really have that movie

  22. IxisTyler says:

    actually I have a better idea instead of Tiana as Lyra a better choice would be Madeline from the Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 (not a vary good movie)

  23. AnimatedFan195 says:

    I also love the parts when Gala Band were in it!

  24. gryffonmanic says:

    Thanks!  Anything else?

  25. IxisTyler says:

    Maybe Minnie Mouse as Lily(because their voices sound the same), Daisy Duck as Daisy(ha ha get it) , and maybe Mulan or Rose(from American Dragon): Rose

  26. MarcokiMarco1989 says:

    Away and off to Minnesota to be able to steal a cat

  27. PoshyKitt3n5Colene825 says:

    Is there a way to stop cats and kittens clawing an individual? Every time each in my lap that they claw from the clothing before they sit on the item and it digs into the pores and skin, but they don’t claw as long as they walk in excess of blank pores and skin funnily enough.

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