Ragdoll kitten give big hugs to my boyfriend (8 weeks old)…

Dollizzyous Toetje en Dollizzyous Minoes giving hugs to my boyfriend… NO CATNIP! This kitten now 2 years old is still hugging and not only my boyfriend! Me too! More vid’s, more funny and sweet kittens: www.youtube.com

26 Responses to “Ragdoll kitten give big hugs to my boyfriend (8 weeks old)…”

  1. mollysangelique says:


  2. OnlyJorizII says:

    Nou geweldig xD

  3. Captiankilljoy23 says:


  4. Vchan1984 says:


  5. 38301290598 says:

    your boyfriend is 8 weeks old? really?

  6. 123456879ABCD says:

    this guy is a pussymagnet

  7. RKL1995 says:

    They are speaking Dutch :)

  8. konni1231 says:

    are you from sweden, norway, finland, denmark? im from iceland and i think i recognise your language, no offence

  9. konni1231 says:

    cat noms on his ears om noms noms

  10. effdurmomallnight69 says:


  11. inlovewithtruth says:

    To people who think it’s the hair gel: No. It’s a thing with Ragdoll cats and kittens. They do this to the people they love no matter what. My mom has two Ragdoll kittens and they do this to her whenever they’re in her bed before they fall asleep.

  12. fofi4569 says:

    I agree, it seems as if it finds his hair very attractive, maybe the texture because of the gel? And the ear is flexible so it’s like a toy :) . Lovely kitten!

  13. lexi10114 says:


  14. GluttonForSex says:

    Funky language.

  15. Kizzyxxsmile4life says:

    O.M.G I love them kitty’s -3

  16. Msscuzzlebutt says:

    Awww… That is cute and funny at the same time

  17. neo Crocker says:

    now THATS wat i call afection

  18. emergencyrainbow says:

    I like the big cat in the background that’s just watching haha!!

  19. badgersgonbadger says:

    they want his food

  20. 4tje says:

    Superschattig!! Alleen dat waren geen 7 seconden, helaas haha!

  21. jccm10black says:

    wtf dude are they high on something cuz they’re like lets rape his face

  22. OnlySaraPaulsen says:

    I think it’s his hair, it’s kind of…. pointe:D

  23. OLIVER MAMANI says:

    el señorrrrrrrr de los gatooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  24. thisisamulyavanga says:

    did you ROLL your boyfriend in catnip!??!?!?! that ketteh is sooo high!!!

  25. Rosalie7219218 says:

    I guess that’s what happens when you use Axe shampoo…

  26. TrueKitt3n5 says:

    I’m sure it is essential for individuals individuals is always to realize that scratching things with regard to cats and kittens isn’t poor routine

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