Q&A: Why won’t my lil kitty eat solids yet?

Question by get_fab: Why won’t my lil kitty eat solids yet?
I have two kittens who are about 12 weeks old. One of them by the name Mau-Mau is a runt has had eating problems from the day she was born. I had to force feed her with kitten formula and a syringe when she was a newborn until she started to feed from her mother on her own. The stronger kitten (named Big Bully)started eating solid food when she turned 6 or 7 weeks. Mau-Mau refuses to eat solid food. I tried moistening the dry food with water to make it softer and she does nothing and the mother cat basically just gets up and walk away everytime Mau-Mau tried to suckle. So I started to buy this kitten milk from Wal-mart called “Just Born” and have been giving her that til this day. I also tried to crush up quality indoor kitten food (Iams) and mix a little bit in the kitty milk and still nothing. So I just stuck to the formula. I would try wet kitten food but I think that wet food makes a cats poo smell more. So I’d rather not go there. Do you guys think I should (A)-try the dry food and kitty milk mix again, (B)-try wet indoor kitten food and live the extra foul poo smells, or (C)- I continue to spoil her with just the kitty milk. You tell me, but I just want her to kind of catch up with her sister because the size between the two are dramatic. You probably wouldn’t even think that they were born at the same time. Look and see for yourself. (Big Bully has the devil horns)

mau, big b, and me

The only timed I forced her to eat were the first few days she was born because she didn’t suckle from her mom. If i didn’t, she would’ve died off like the other 2 runt kittens who came out before her. I came home to late when my cat gave birth, so I did the most I could and was only able to save 1 runt.
I never knew that wet food was better for cats. My other cat’s (the mother) vet told me not to feed her wet food when she was a kitten because he said it would give her diarrhea.
Catnip?Why didn’t I think of that?
I have no intention on feeding her kitty milk for the rest of her life. Thats why I came on yahoo answers for some advice. (ty guys who gave good ones).Also, she doesn’t need to be nursed back to health because I’ve been lookin after her the day she was born. Shes a healthy looking kitten who happens to be a runt. A runt is just another word for premature right? Anyway, she looks 10 times better when I started to give her the milk after the mother started walking away from her. And for those of you who wonder why not go to the vet, well I am in the process of doing that. I just need to get my finances together first. :-)

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Answer by B.N.N
dont force her to eat what you do is take her to a vet

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  1. Ammi L says:

    At 12 weeks their teeth are still baby teeth and not quite strong enough to eat solid, plus if they were given soft food before you got them, they like it better. Smells better to them. I was just given a new kitten today, my fiancee brought her home to me. (=! And she’s about 4 months old and still hasn’t started eating solid food yet. I’m weening her off soft food, but it’ll take a while. You don’t want to give them the “just born” milk. Only because it’s a milk-substitute for kittens who were lost from their mom before they were weened. Try to mix their food, maybe half wet and half dry, get some deoderized cat litter or some air fresheners and we’ll both have to live through it

  2. Mrs. Cena says:

    What i did with my kittens (4 litters of 2-4 kittens) was i would mix warmed (cow) milk in with the wet food. Make sure your getting the kind that looks like a loaf and mash it up really well and then mix it up well. You can also try giving her less and less kitten milk every day until she has to go to the wet food. And the dry food I don’t think is a good idea especially is she refuses to eat wet food. Oh and you can also try putting catnip in the food too. Just and idea. Hope I helped.

  3. Izzy! says:

    1-take her to the vet is could be a medical problem
    2-mix dry food with cold water and mush it up really good and then drain out the excess water
    3- just feed her Fancy Feast (a wet food brand)

  4. esirprus55 says:

    Cute cats well anyway dont force her put out some tuna fish and just wait until there ready.

  5. Suzy Cutes says:

    Argh! Dry food! No, no, no, no, especially for kittens, and especially your runt. I have included a link that summarizes everything wrong about dry food, so please read the information in the link I have included.

    Don’t moisten dry food as the bacteria starts to multiply immediately. There is more bacteria on moistened dry food in 5 minutes than there is in wet food after an hour.

    Your runt’s digestive tract can’t take dry food right now, it is simply not natural, so you need to give him wet food watered down with water or kitty milk. Your runt is also very smart because he knows what you are trying to feed him is not good for him, so he is refusing it.

    Those are two darn cute kitties, and your little runt will probably look like a kitten all his life. So, please reconsider wet food in your cat’s diet. At least make it a half and half diet. I personally don’t like Iams since they changed their practices and formula so they could afford to put their product on Walmart shelves. Do a quick internet search for comparisons of food, and you will see that Iams is low on the list of consumer favorites, with Purina Pro or Purina One being favored over it. I feed Blue Buffalo, but in minimal amounts. After a lifetime of many cats and kittens, I have seen what nasty things dry food can do to a cat’s health.

  6. nascarkitties says:

    My now-3-year-old cats look kind of like yours. They were 4 weeks old and orphaned when I got them. I bottle fed them for a couple weeks using weaning formula (from a pet store). Once the runt (his name is Junior) discovered the formula, he wouldn’t stop eating. As he got older, he started biting the nipple off the bottle to get more food! Junior still eats like he’ll never eat again and he’s still smaller than his littermate Jimmie.

    Weaning them took some work. I weaned them by mixing the formula with wet kitten food (2/3 formula with 1/3 wet food) and then I gradually increased the amount of wet food. The litterbox stunk, but at least they were eating! What was hard was getting the kittens to eat out of dishes rather than depending on the bottle. I kept really small dishes (like the soy sauce dishes at a sushi restaurant) of water and kitten dry food out so they got used to the smell. As I was decreasing the formula in the wet food, I started mixing wet food (with a little formula) in with some dry food and then gradually decreased the amount of wet food. Make sure the dry food you have is a kitten formula because kitten’s teeth aren’t strong enough for adult cat food and make sure the food is high quality. After about 6 weeks, the kittens were totally on dry food. Now, they get wet food as a special treat when they come in the house when it gets dark. It’s been a great training tool so that they come in and I don’t stress out.

    Hope this helped. Good luck!

  7. frank s says:

    wet food. we are talking about nursing a runt back to health, live with the smell.

    i do not agree with dry food diets anyway because i never saw a dry mouse. if cats were supposed to eat dry food, they would eat seeds, or bark, not mice.

    also try meat. beef poultry or pork. cooked, but not over done. very tiny pieces. very little at first, as a treat. you have to allow him to adjust to it.
    i would first put canned food and the kitten milk in the blender, a kitty milk shake. he can lap it up like milk, but he will be eating solid food. after a few days of that, add some meat. after a few days of that, feed canned cat food and meat on a plate. you may have to still feed some of the kitty milk shake for a few days.

    you have to stop the kitty milk, he cant live on that. he is way too small.
    think of an adult human on baby formula.

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