Q&A: Why does my kitten like to walk all over my laptop when I use it?

Question by Perigee: Why does my kitten like to walk all over my laptop when I use it?
I keep a laptop in the basement, and as soon as it comes on…she’s walking all over it, striking the keys until the laptop beeps. After a while, she’ll lie next to the laptop with me working.

However, when I use my desktop upstairs she doesn’t do this.

Any idea why? She also likes to chin the laptop but not the desktop.

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Answer by Ash
She want attention and your giving it to a lap top so she gets in the way to get your attantion

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  1. earwaxyness says:

    My cat used to do this to my laptop. I always figured it was because it was warm. She would even sleep on the keyboard when I wasn’t using it.

  2. Miss Emily says:

    Because it is warm & he/she is needy.

  3. alikonda says:

    Laptop keyboards heat up, unlike the desktop variety. I know that I have to be careful to close the cover of my laptop whenever I get up to use the bathroom, otherwise I have to undo the damage my cat has done by laying down on the keyboard…!

  4. superdave13561 says:

    you’re momma to her…she’s wanting attention.

  5. Dee H says:

    My cat does that with everything that i try to do. her favorite to interupt is when i read a book. she will lay on top of it. when I’m at the computer, half of her is in my lap the other half is on the key board. i think it’s because you are not focused on THEM! lol you know how kitties are!

  6. Right On says:

    I’m not sure why she doesn’t do this with your desktop, but reasons for being so interested in your laptop/you are probably one of these:

    You’re giving lots of attention to some strange machine- she wants the attention instead, and also wants to know what the fuss is about.

    It’s warm and makes a humming sort of sound.

    That’s what my cat seems to like. I’d just pick her up off the keys and put her on your lap or beside it and give her some attention. She can still enjoy the sound/warmth this way, and she gets pets.

  7. cc4me19 says:

    its cute isn’t it, she likes the warmth, my cat does this too. My cat also sits on my comcast thingy, because its warm. About being upstairs, maybe your cat is more uncomftorable upstairs, or the way you sit with your lab top upstairs. cats likes to chin labtops because of the size and the corners, it is more effective to scratch their chins then the bulkiness of the desktop.

  8. stephbbear says:

    She wants your undivided attention. Laptop is connected/close together, & you closer to it. Desktop is separated, harder to walk on to get your attention while you can look over her, & can`t rub her chin on as easily.
    My cat walks on my Desktop keyboard as well when I ignore her. The more I ignore her, the more defiant she gets and will sit right where I try to type.
    Reading something lying on the floor? Plop down right in the middle (‘look at me’)….

  9. breathofrane says:

    She wants your attention! My cats like to lay on my book or newspaper when I am trying to read, stretch out over my homework (but the profs don’t buy that as an excuse if you papers are late!).
    As for the chin rubbing, cats have scent markers under their chins and on their foreheads. If you use your laptop more than your desktop then that is probably why she is marking the laptop with her scent. As long as she doesn’t pee on it, you shouldn’t worry!

  10. Miss G says:

    My cats do the SAAMMEE thing!
    Annoying as hell, but mainly for attention.
    Your mind isn’t on her, lol.

  11. Jessy says:

    your cat wants attention. my cat always does it and when i finally pat her she stops and lays down next to me purring

  12. Tersa B says:

    Cats firmly believe all attention should be on them. If it isn’t on them they think it needs to be on them. My cat will stand in front of my laptop or sit on a book I am reading because she knows it is distracting me from her. I even have a cat that if the thing that is distracting me is small enough will run off with it. (Ipod, cell phone, money, ect.)

    Laptops also tend to get warm. Cats usually love to sleep near warmth. Your laptop probably gets a lot warmer than your desktop would.
    Also, a laptop probably seems more accessible to a cat. It is about there size and is often more accessible than a desktop on a computer table with wires, printers, screens, and everything else wrrring and making noise.

    Just feel lucky, my cat likes to head butt the restart button on my desktop when I am not paying attention.

  13. justanother1 says:

    because it is a good kitten and it wants to grow up to be just like you

  14. kpiglet25 says:

    It’s her way of saying “mamma, stop working and plaaaaay with meeeeeeee”. Seriously, my cats do it every time I fire up my laptop or open the paper…just looking for attention and love.

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