Q&A: where can i get my kitten its shots for free?

Question by nightowl: where can i get my kitten its shots for free?
my friend informed me he got his kittens shots for free at a shelter but doesn’t recall where. help?

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Answer by Ms Berry..<3
they have this thing every year at petsmart and its once yr i think and i got my cats shots for free from their, their was a really lonnnng line ppl take advantage of it although i dont know if ur from the united states or not but if u r call up petsmart and ask when their giving them

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4 Responses to “Q&A: where can i get my kitten its shots for free?”

  1. David says:

    ill shoot your cat for free.

  2. disen87 says:

    If you got your kitten from a shelter, they should have given it some shots already. You can try shelters or your local ASPCA…many of them offer free or discount vaccinations for people who have financial hardships. Generally the rule is if you can’t afford basic shots, you can’t afford the animal…what if there is an emergency? Good luck!

  3. Kasandra says:

    When you get a cat at the shelter they already have some shots.If you get a cat at a pet store they already have i believe one or two shots. You are not able to get shots for your kitten free. There are probably places you can get them, but they are illegal and you can be arrested.

    Your going to have to pay like the rest of us. There is no way out, and if your friend got them at the shelter than it was probably because he adopted the cat at that shelter and they didn’t give the cat the shots it needed before hand.

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