Q&A: What gender and age should i get for my kitten’s playmate?

Question by Kitty Star: What gender and age should i get for my kitten’s playmate?
We have a 10 week old kitten. He was abandoned and we’re not sure how long he’s been without family. He’s healthy now and super playful, but at night, he meows and I really think it’s because he’s lonely. (I’ve tried everything.)

Would he get along better with a female or male? Should we get another kitten so they can grow up together or an older cat to mentor him?

We’ll be getting them fixed no matter what gender.

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Answer by Ocimom
Schedule any kitten to be neutered/spayed by 3-4 months old – kittens as young as 4 months can breed and get pregnant. With males, they tend to accept the newcomer of either sex pretty quick. With females, it takes them longer to accept.

I prefer males, so given the choice I’ll go with another male before I get a female. Right now we have one male and one female (adult and fixed). We are picking up our new male kitten in a few hours. The boys will bond quick, but it will take months before the female accepts the new kitten.

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  1. Kat says:

    Female. Because even if you get another male cat and they get neutered, there still might be a chance of spraying for territorial issues. But that’s just my experience, it really is entirely up to you and what you ideally want. I’d just get another kitten so they can grow up together and they’d probably have less problems being around each other as an older would would with a younger kitten.

  2. I lOvE mY bAbY gIrL says:

    if you get an older cat, then they to would play. And if you get on older cat them you will also be saving a life because older cats don’t usually get adopted. so get and older one. hope this helps.

  3. brutusmom says:

    I agree with “Ocimom”, but like to add……..get a male kitten, around the same age/size of yours. This way, neither of them will “overwhelm” the other. They’ll play together, sleep together, arch their backs at each other ( trying to be dominant )/ play-fight, etc.

    When you get the “new” kitten, take it IMMEDIATELY to your vet for a checkup. Sometimes, kittens/cats who’ve been in a shelter “situation” will come out with URI, and other diseases, maladies…….so, a trip to the vet will help him get a healthy start. Annoticeablele problems can be addressed BEFORE he meets your kitten……

    Hope this helps…….Good luck

  4. Lime Green says:

    I would advice getting a female because males have DEFINITE territorial issues and they tend to not get along at first as easily. And an older cat would not rip stuff up more but a yougner one would be more like its litter but be prepared for lots of furniture rips!

  5. Safiya J says:

    2) get the opposite sex cuz wen they grow they can mate too which is important for cats otherwise they will litterally go crazy n mate with the same sex……. ive seen this in my own cats. ps: ive had about 20 generations n many borns.
    3) make sure ur kitten doesnt bleed if its playing with the new kitten cuz they tend to eat eachother which is natral among them

  6. Lily Pantherpaw says:

    A female kitten would work well because that way they can play together and keep each other company. Getting an older cat wouldn’t be the greatest idea because older cats don’t adapt to new homes very well and if they have to come to a new home and a kitten it would bo to hard on the older cat. Two males together could be to territorial so I would go with a female kitten (possibly from an animal shelter or SPCA so you can save a life and make your kitten happy)

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