Q&A: What are some tips to help litter box train my 7 week old kitten?

Question by : What are some tips to help litter box train my 7 week old kitten?
On January 6th I purchased a kitten from a lady I met online. When I purchased her I gave her a simple look at (eyes, butt, gums) to see if there were any visible signs of illness & she checked out fine. I did however forget to ask the seller if the kitten was litter box trained. As soon as I got her home I introduced her to her litter box & we went about our night. All night I watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn’t have any accidents & she didn’t. The next morning she had her very 1st vet’s appointment. The appointment went great! I told the vet she had yet to have a bowl movement, but he didn’t seem worried. Even though the vet didn’t seem worried, I still was, so I started researching tips on how to get her to use the litter box. One tip was to take her to the litter box & move her front paws in the “scratching” motion. So I did & she jumped right out of the box, but then came right back & peed! I was SO excited! I thought “Wow! That was simple!” I was wrong though, later that night she peed on my husband & my bed. Then the next morning pooped on our bed & later that same day peed inside the hood of my husband’s hoodie THAT HE WAS WEARING!! Since then I have continued to watch her like a hawk! Anytime she squats down I go over to her and move her butt to make sure she’s not using the bathroom! Still she has had 3 accidents. Two on a comforter (that was on the bed the first night she peed) & one time in the corner of our apt on the carpet (which was right outside the door of our bathroom where her litter box was!!!) Since she had her first day of multiple accidents I have been sleeping out in the living room with her so I can constantly monitor her & be less than 5 feet away from 1 of her 2 litter boxes. I have switched to using the type of litter the lady who sold her to me said she used. I have put out 2 litter boxes! Plus anytime she starts sniffing around a lot I’ll take her to her litter box in hopes she uses it! To me it’s almost like she’s having too much fun playing to go to her litter box, so instead she tries to pop a squat where ever she’s at, so I’ve started taking her away from the situation by taking her into the bathroom, shutting the door, putting her in the litter box & doing the “scratching” motion w her paws. Usually what happens she hops right out, plays around for a bit, sniffs the box, walks away, plays, sniffs the box & finally goes in & uses it. Up until this morning, when she peed on the comforter again, I thought that tactic was working, but I guess I wasn’t watching her close enough! I just want to know if what I’m doing is right or possibly confusing her. Also if what I am doing is right, how much longer do I have to do this before she gets it on her own? Can someone PLEASE help me! What else can I do to help her learn to use her litter box on a regular basis?!?!

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Answer by Emily McConell
Training a cat is different than training a dog. If you punish they don’t understand and think you’re being mean unless you catch them right when they do it and even then punishment is a sketchy thing to do. Please don’t get fed up and strike the kitty with anything! My advise is get a little squirt bottle and if you catch her squatting then squirt her with it and pick her up and put her in the box and scratch her paws in the litter. If you see her use the litter box then reward her with tuna. It takes time so stick at it. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Any kitten younger than 8 – 10 weeks should not be removed from the mother and the litter. Litter training is one of the reasons. The mother will litter train the kittens herself when they are ready. YOU shouldn’t have to.

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