Q&A: Should i be worried for my kitten?

Question by : Should i be worried for my kitten?
I recently adopted a 3 and a half month old kitten -he was a stray from my back yard. In my house there is an indoor balcony that overlooks the entrance to my house. so the balcony is 1 story high because you must climb steps to get up there and go to the 2nd floor. the railing of the balcony is about 6 inches in width and im worried that my kitten will jump on to the railing, slide, and fall an entire story! He could get hurt if this happens :( . Does he know by instinct not to jump down from the balcony? Should i be worried?
the balcony is indoor. in my house you walk up the steps and at the top in the hallway of the 2nd floor is a balcony that overlooks the front door/mudroom of the house.

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