Q&A: Please Help! Got a new kitten and now these past few days have been a nightmare.?

Question by mythfado5: Please Help! Got a new kitten and now these past few days have been a nightmare.?
Ok, I adopted this adorable 7 month kitten from the Humane Society last Monday and it’s been a nightmare since, I noticed that the kitten had diarrhea the first day I brought him home and the odor was very strong, the next day he started to sneeze and had some drainage (clear) from his rt. eye, well I called my vet and made a appt. we had a snow storm so it got cx. till thursday, well in between my other 2 cats started to sneeze so I ended up bringing in all 3 cats, they took a stool sample from the new cat also well the vet started all cats on antibiotics,2 are on clavamox and the other is on Baytril and also eye oint terramycin 2 of them have to given that because she took a swab and it showed some bacterial cells in it, well on friday I got a call on the stool that they took on the new cat and it came back pos. for coccidial infection so she started all 3 on Albon liquid, well since I all these medications the 1 of the cats won’t eat but is drinking some water the other got terrible diarrhea and vomiting, I was able to get in touch with the office on Saturday and was told to stop the clavamox on the cat who was having the diarrhea and vomiting but make sure to give the Albon, ok it’s now Sunday the cat I stopped the clavamox started to vomit again, the other is the same and the only one who is doing better is the one that I got from the humane society, he still has diarrhea but has a appetite. so long story my 2 other cats that were not sick are sick now from the medication and the other one seems better but still has diarrhea. I will be calling the vet tomorrow but has anybody gone through something like this,this has cost me over 500.00 dollars already which I don’t have to be paying for vets and this will set me back in paying my home bills, and also I called the humane society told them the story and they are going to have a supervisor call me tomorrow and they apologized to me and that unfortunately that this cat slipped through, oh it also had live fleas in it.He did say I could bring it back and I said yea after I spent all this money, but until I talk to the vet tomorrow I am stopping the meds on my other 2 cats because I am afraid they are going to get dehydrated and the cat that I got from the Humane Society I will continue the medications. he other 2 need a break and let there tummies rest.
I did have the kitten in a seperate room, he did slip out a few times and like I stated before I noticed the symptoms the first day I brought him home especially the diarrhea so I did get on the phone right away to my vet I am aware that you risk when you bring in a new cat that URI is very common, but this cat not only had that it had a parasite and a eye infection not related to a URI the whole point is this cat should have not been put up for adoption and it also came in with a brother and sister which were already adopted, he came in on the 7th of January and I adopted him on the 11th and as I told the assitant supervisor if this kitten has it the other 2 have it. I blame this whole situation on the Humane Society and he agreed with me. My other 2 cats are 10 and 8 and I just lost one over the summer at 19yrs old, the eight yr. old I adopted and also the other one that died I adopted he was eight years old when I adopted her and I noticed there was a wet spot on his jaw and was t
Ty everybody for your input, I am sure everything will work out and as for as my other 2 cats I believe it’s side effects from the antibiotics and the new cat is no longer sneezing but still has diarrhea, I have been checking on dehydration and so far I believe they are ok but as I said I am stopping all meds on them except for the Kitten, one cat wants to eat but keeps on getting diarrhea which leads me to believe it’s from the antibiotic the other one is not eating but she is drinking, I do have pet insurance that I got when I adopted this kitten but if I do have a problem I am going to make it a point that the Humane Society be responsible for this mess, I still believe that this kitten was put up for adoption way tooo soon period!!!

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Answer by katbyrd41
Crikey! I wish I could help, but it sounds like you’re doing everything possible, under the circumstances. I’m glad you’ve had some experience with cats and had some idea how to handle this. You’ve done the right thing, getting them all to the vet and dealing with the meds — and the mess. : (

I’m also glad you got in touch with the Humane Society–do be sure to pursue that. I hope they can help you out with at least some of the expenses. If not, try asking the vet if you can make payments there, so the rest of your bills don’t go unpaid. Be a little persistent with them; they may appreciate how you’ve handled things and give you a break.

Thank you for your care, concern and sacrifice!

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  1. R P Cat says:

    When bringing home a new kitten or cat you always put it in a room by its self. Never let it mingle with the other cats because it could be sick and it has not been to the vet. No matter what the shelter or breeder states. I vet check up is the first thing to do. I always keep the new kitten/cat confined to one room for at least 2 weeks, then slowly introduce to the rest of the house. The shelter should have ask if you had other cats and told you to introduce them slowly and after a couple of weeks. I am sorry this has happened to you. You are a kind soul who took in a kitten and now have this problem. No cat or kitten should slip through any thing. They should know what is going on with all the animals there. Did you have to sign papers to adopt the kitten. I would read them carefully and see what options you have.

    R P CAT

  2. Hannah Wilson says:

    bless you – you’ve done a fantastic thing by rescuing that poor kitten… take my hat off to you xx

    I would ask for some kind of contribution from the Humane society towards the bills – also talk to the vet about assistance towards bills sometimes the vets are linked in with animal charties that can take the burden off by paying a percentage… good luck & hope you get it sorted out soon x

  3. cat lover says:

    Reads as if you had your hands full.

    Without wading too deep into the problems, here is a suggestion when you give your cats any antibiotic, be it Baytril or Clavamox. Give them some yogurt that has active cultures in it, or a probiotic such as acidophilus. Antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, they can wipe out the good bacteria, resulting in diarrhea.

    And a kitten with diarrhea and a foul output usually suggests a parasitic infestation, which is what was found. Hopefully, they will work with you to help make things whole.

    I assume you know to check for dehydration by pinching their skin. It should bounce back.

  4. Xena12 says:

    Yes, I know what you mean my husband and I adopted a cat at the SPCA about 6 years ago and I had to have him put to sleep last summer. When my cat MR. DEEDEE got sick it was quite sudden and unexpected, when I took him to the vet and my vet asked me where did you get him and I told them from the SPCA. The vet said that he might have been sick and we just never knew or my husband and I where never told, the vet did a number of blood tests and they confirmed that my cat has diabetes he was really sick he would not eat or drink, just mostly slept. We kept him a the vet for the entire weekend and the vet called me that morning and said that me and my husband should come down a make a discussion, that he made a turn for the worst he was not responding to the medication so we had to have him put to sleep. I tell you I would hold the Humane Society responsible for the kitten and your other 2 cats. When we got our vet bill it was over $ 879.00 and we are still paying on it, it set us back quite bad financially. The Humane Society had no right to put the kitten up for adoption if he was sick, they should have asked you if you had any other pets. So I know what it is to adopt a sick cat and was never told. I hope there is something you can do, I hope your kitten and your other 2 cats are going to be ok and good luck to you.

  5. KittensmiAlivia says:

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  6. Tayyib1341Katr says:

    I suggest cleaning up the actual litter box dish. If it aromas too bad for you, it aromas even worse for the pet, and needs to be emptied

  7. Aslan344 says:

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