Q&A: new kitten sneezing, wheezing and discharge from eyes?

Question by funniifrankii: new kitten sneezing, wheezing and discharge from eyes?
I just got two kittens from PetSmart (a shelter brought their kittens in). I have had them for almost a week when i noticed the male was sneezing, wheezing and had discharge from his eyes. Is it kennel cough or something else? Please help!

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Answer by Mariah M.
Take it to a vet for your best diagnosis. And quick. A vet is going to be better than any Yahoo Answer person; including myself.
However, I’d call PetSmart and explain this problem; and if you’re current kitten unfortunately doesn’t make it, I’d make them give me a HEALTHY kitten.

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  1. cat lover says:

    It is a respiratory virus, which is very common in kittens. If the kitten got their FVRCP vaccinations, then they have protection, and they probably will shake it.

    The eye discharge suggests the virus is a bit more potent then usual, since it likely has triggered a herpes virus (don’t worry, you won’t catch it.)

    Since PetSmart kittens for adoption are sponsored by rescue groups, give them (the adoption group, not PetSmart) a call about your concerns. They may assist you. Sometimes it is a simple as providing some lysine to help knock down the herpes virus.

    If the kitten stops eating or drinking, has diarrhea, or gets lethargic, then it becomes a real concern, and a vet trip will be a must.

    But even with the FVRCP vaccine and a clean bill of health can suddenly find a kitten sneezing. They usually shake it though.

  2. Megan Keogh says:

    It sounds like kitten flu to me. One of my foster kittens is trying to get over it now and he has and has had:
    -Running eyes
    -green/yellow discharge out of his eyes
    -sneezing, wheezing, finding it hard to breath
    - stopped eating
    Its very serious as kittens can die from it and when they stop eating its really bad. ( tip : if they stops eating try put a little bit in their mouths as it could be that they can’t smell it and cats depend a lot on smell ) I suggest you bring them to the vet asap.
    Hope this helps
    Good Luck !

  3. CanadianPerspective says:

    Did the kittens come with pet insurance for example 30 days? If so use it : )
    Contact the shelter and tell them that the kitten is sick and describe his condition. Maybe they can offer some assistance to help the kitten out. It’s also a good idea to contact them so they can look out for similar conditions with their remaining cats and kittens. Anyways, book an appointment for the kitten to be seen by the vet. It sounds like he will need antibiotics to treat his respiratory infection. In the meantime, take the kitten into a steamy bathroom (kinda like a sauna) for about 20 minutes while someone showers with the fan off . This will help loosen up the mucus making it easier for the little guy to breathe. Here are some other tips from eHow…
    Hope the little guy gets better : ) But ensure he sees a vet ASAP!!!!

  4. birdgirl says:

    Probably an upper respiratory infection..pretty common in kittens. It will likely need to be put on an antibiotic regimen. Get him to the vet ASAP or your other kitten will end up with the same thing.

  5. MafiaKittensSyrine1313 says:

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