Q&A: My new dog has my cats terrified?

Question by : My new dog has my cats terrified?
So my girlfriend has 5 cats. I have a mini Pomeranian. Today, I adopted a new dog. He is a 35 pound mutt. As soon as we got him home, we allowed him to meet the Pom. They were playing. The cats became Scared, and started running around, ripping my blinds to shreds, literally bouncing off the ceiling, and eventually jumping in a hole in my sofa, from which they have yet to emerge. My living room looks like a war zone from the cats’ flipping out. One cat, our tiny kitten seems fairly okay with the new dog, but the others are barricaded inside my couch, as though it was the zombie apocalypse. we tried crating the dog, and allowing the cats to meet him that way, but again, they are still in my sofa. (I hope they didn’t float off to narnia). Now how do I get them 1) out of my sofa, and 2) to not go bonkers at the sight of my new dog?

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Answer by inlovewithcows
What you need to do is just give them time. Absolutely do not try to force anything. The cats feel that your house is their territory and they aren’t very happy about a new and bigger creature invading. Also, if they’re older cats, they may not be as welcome to changes as a younger cat or kitten.

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  1. Mercy Mercy Mr. Percy says:

    Which is why you should NEVER force a new dog (or cat) onto your existing cats. You should have put the dog in ONE room – your bedroom, for example, and let the cats SLOWLY get used to his scent. Only after they calmed down and seem curious about what was beyond the door would you let them interact. Probably the best thing to do now would to instead move the cats into the safety of your bedroom. Put their food and litter in there as well. They’re feeling horribly threatened right now and have no idea this dog means them no harm. Do hope you told the shelter you had cats and that this was a dog that has been with cats before?

    Was the shelter aware you already FIVE cats and a dog? Are they all licensed? Most areas limit the amount of pets in a home and most shelters check with your vet to make sure all animals are current on shots, licensed, etc. Did you disclose how many pets you had?

  2. C M says:

    First off why is there a big hole in your couch?????? Secondly why do people always start by saying SO. It’s so childish and not proper English.

    Why don’t you ask your vet how to take care of this…you can start by fixing that hole in your couch!lol

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