Q&A: My kitten ate 3 cans in like 4 hours? Is he in a growth spurt?

kitten growth
by O.F.E.

Question by Mickey Mouse 2014: My kitten ate 3 cans in like 4 hours? Is he in a growth spurt?
It’ll slow down right, cause that’s alot of food.

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Answer by Ukiah
If kittens like the canned food, they will eat it until they vomit. You aren’t supposed to free-feed cats wet food. You can leave dry out for them to eat at their leisure, but canned (or pouch) food should be kept limited.

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11 Responses to “Q&A: My kitten ate 3 cans in like 4 hours? Is he in a growth spurt?”

  1. ℒottie says:

    why did you even feed your cat that much?!

  2. Earl says:

    change to another cat food. maybe purina dry, high quality and do not overfeed. measure it out.

  3. vinod k says:

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  4. 27PurpleRoses says:

    Maybe, but it could be that the food was not filling because it had too much junk in it. Sorry, but a lot of the food sold is really junk food for our pets. Check the labels to see what is in everything you buy for your kitty to eat.

    Many — too many – of the dry cat and kitten foods have corn listed as the first ingredient which means it contains more corn than anything else. Corn is a filler and is not a good food product. So please read the labels. Soy is not needed in their diets either, and it is often put into their foods.

    The ingredients are listed in order by the amount of it contained in the food, so the first ingredient is the most plentiful, the second is the second most plentiful… and the last is the least plentiful in the food.

    Also do not get food with preservatives in it. My dog died from a fast growing stomach cancer which I learned after the fact, that food preservatives actually are known for causing cancers and they are banned in Europe. Still I lost a very good dog and his health was good except for the cancer.

  5. mojos1966 says:

    hehehe…cute…Little piggy !
    But seriously…Please don’t let him eat that much in so little time again..o.k. ?
    You need to be letting a very good quality poultry based dry food out for kitty all the time….A poultry based in whick the FIRST ingredient on the bag is poultry..
    Canned foof is great, but mostly as a treat…You see..Canned food is even more overly processed than a good dry food and they add all kinds of chemicals to get that “yummy” smell.
    Hard food is overly processed to but but the protein seems to hold it value better than an overly processed canned food.
    Anyway…If you leave a good quality dry food down all the time, kitty won’t pig out so much when offered the yummy smelling canned stuff.. :-)

  6. Marcia says:

    What size can, what quality of food value (which isn’t always indicated by the cost)? Typically kittens and cats will not over eat unlike puppies and dogs.

    However, I have had a few that over ate. All had been strays and/or discarded pets. Definitely two out of the three had been malnurished, thin, and unhealthily under weight. In general, wet food is a treat food rather than a steady diet food even when it is given daily in my household. Rather, dry food is available throughout the day where as wet food is given in limited quantities.

    One of my over-eaters that came to me most thin would eat until it vomited then head to the food bowl again. Water is ALWAYS available. It took us a year until we could just leave a bowl of dry food out; much to the ire of the other cat in the household. In the beginning, we had to limit the quantity in the dry food bowl for this cat and feed every half, then hour, then couple of hours. We found that if the bowl got close to empty, that this cat would again start to eat to the point of vomiting. However, we found that even years later while using a reasonable sized dog food bowl, if the bowl got more than half empty, this particular cat would start to stoke up.

    There are couple of other things that could be going on with your kitten. One is that if it is not getting enough fluid, it could be over eating on the wet food for fluid as much as food value. If your kitten doesn’t have free access to water, do provide it. If your kitten has worms, it may be eating enough volume to feed its paracites as well as itself. And, fleas can cause anemia and a number of other problems that can sometime result in an over-eating symptom along with others. Lack of adequate nutrition can be a problem for which you might investigate some kitten vitamins, a bit of kitten formula, or other nutritional supplement. Like human babies, kittens need much more protien and fat than an adult.

    On the other hand, if you’re talking about a 4-8 month old, and 4-12 pound kitten compared to one of those little 1-3 ounce cans… your kitten may simply need that much food. Somewhere in the fine print of your cat food, there should be some information about how many cans an x-pound cat/kitten needs per day.

    Ultimately, a vet visit may be in order. Has your kitten ever been seen by a vet for a general physical and/or shots? In our area, there are some low cost vets and vet clinics. Often the box pet stores such as PetCo and PetSmart have innoculation clinics with discount shots; these are not the same thing as their in-store vet offices.

  7. raynekittin says:

    Did you even read the can. It says on most cans “2 cans daily”. So be careful next time.

  8. trinlycan says:

    Tammy Babe don’t feed your kitten that much , it’s not good for it , one or two cans a day is it , I wouldn’t feed it any can food it’s really not good for them get dry kitten food and if it’s hard for it to eat it put a little water but use less and Less water each time , it keeps their teeth clean , this goes for adult cats to .

  9. FantasyKitt3n5Velia says:

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  10. Kittens1383Chapter says:

    I had been vastly sensitive to kittens and cats until finally I’d any flatmate as their pet Tail-Or wished to sleep with me each night

  11. CatsolutBoruch says:

    we have two feral cats Baby Kitty as well as Strega that have trained

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