Q&A: Litter box training a 5 week old kitten?

Question by : Litter box training a 5 week old kitten?
I am having a difficult time litter box training my kitten, i have gotten her to use the small home made litter box at least twice the other times when I wasn’t fast enough to stop her she will go under a small bed side table. I have tried everything I can think of to get her used to the litter box idea but she keeps going under that table. I have even tried leaving her in the bathroom for a few hours with food and water and she won’t use it. The times I have gotten her to use it I’ve had to hold her by the scuff of her neck in the litter box. What can I do to get her to understand that the litter box is where she goes and not under that table. She is like 5 weeks old.

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Answer by Jelly bean Crumbs
put the box under the table for a while. but also, ask someone at a pet store. you can also call a veterinarian. these links might help:



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  1. Blackness says:

    You could put the litter box under the table. The problem is that she smells where she went, so we will keep going there. We had a cat that started going in one place, and my parents got rid of her, saying that “once they start doing that, they have to go.”

    I don’t know though.

  2. Daniel says:

    until she is a little older keep the litter box in the room she is in most of the day, the once she gets older move it to the location you want it to be in. also you need to take her paws and show her how to dig in the liter box, cats naturally want to bury their feces. Other then that not really anything you can do. but she will pick it up fast. Just make sure you dont get clumping until she is older. Very important!

  3. Jacob says:

    The best thing to do is to get a cat that already uses the litter box and let your cat observe. If you cant get a hold of another cat, you can (while the cat is watching) run your hands through the litter box (make sure its clean) for awhile. This will interest the cat in the litter box. (it might help if you put the box over where the cat usually goes)

    Hope this helps.

    “Ignorance killed the cat. Curiosity was framed”

  4. toodledo says:

    Clean the area that the kitten is using with a citrus cleaner orange or lemon is best. cats hate the smell of citrus they also hate the smell of vinegar.You can even put some peels under the stand,dry them in a microwave if you’d like.First when kitty goes poo under stand,take some and put it into the cat box,show kitty it make sure she smells it then take her little paws and have her bury it.You may have to do this several times before she catches on.
    Good Luck

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