Q&A: Kitten questions please help!?!?

Question by *MissPrincess*: Kitten questions please help!?!?
Okay i found seven kittens out at a friends house that was just running around in a garage. I took them home because she couldnt give them the proper care they need…And now ive got really attached to one of the light grey striped kittens i named Milo :) Ive heard from a bunch of different people different ages the kitten is suppose to be fixed…But isnt it suppose to be at 6 months old? Also, my two dogs doesnt like him, is there any way to get them used to each other?? And whats the best way to litter box train a kitten?? Ive never had a cat or kitten in my life!! Ive just helped rescue shelters take care of them! So this is all new to me. :) And whats the best way to find safe forever homes for the other six kittens?? Any help on ?’s i should ask the people before i let them come see the kittens???

Also, to those people that have answered the dog questions that were posted, those are my moms questions. She uses my account. I have no dogs and if i did theyd be fixed!! A dogs life is more important to me then them having babies!!!! I also talked my mom into getting one fixed so far :) Wish me luck on the others! Oh and if anyone answers my ?? i really appreciate it :)

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Answer by Uberkid
They don’t have to be 6 months to be fixed, my cat was fixed somewhere between 8-10 weeks. And to litterbox train, stick the cat’s litterbox in a secluded corner and dump the cat in it. They pretty much know what to do. If the cat goes outside of it, scoop up the droppings and put it in there, then dump the cat back in it.

It takes a while for dogs to get used to cats but things’ll calm down, eventually. Just scold the dog whenever he’s abusing the cat.

Not sure about questions, but maybe you should follow up on them, because I gave this girl a kitten and she left it outside, it grew up, had more kittens, and then all the cats died during winter.

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  1. ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ says:

    Old school thinking is that you have to wait till 6 months to have them fixed. In fact, they can be fixed as soon as they weigh 3 pounds if they are otherwise healthy. That’s about 3 months old. Kittens as young as 4 months old can go into heat and get pregnant. Males can start spraying as young as 5 months.

    Keep the kittens away from the dogs if you think the dogs might hurt them. Keep them separated with a baby gate so they can see each other but not get too close. Unless your dogs have a high prey drive and are trying to get the kittens, things should calm down in a few weeks. If you feel your dogs may hurt the kittens, you need to rehome them. Train the dogs to obey the “drop it” command so if anything does happen, you can control the situation.

  2. Farrah says:

    You gotta make sure that they have a good home and are nice people. You have to make sure the people that adopt them will be able to take care of the kitten(s).

    P.S.- can you send me some pics? My bro. wants to get kittens. (farrah.indiangirl@yahoo.com)

  3. Rachel says:

    I get why your confused. the rspca has recently changed the time that it is acceptable to get a cat desexed to something like three months – but this can make the surgery risky. wait till his about five or six months and book it in advance with your vet. as for the dogs – give them something that smells like the kitten at first, then let them meet the kitten through a screen door or window. then put the dogs on leashes and have the kitten in the room. when you think things are calm enough (it’ll take a couple of goes) let the dogs off, one at a time.
    As for litter box training, put him in the box after mealsand after he drinks, before he has a nap and after playtime. now comes the grotty part. wipe his butt with a tissue – the mum usually licks their butt to get them to go. give him a reward afterwards – a tiny tiny bit of marmite or vegemite is good.
    hope that helped.

  4. emmieheavrin says:

    No, vets go by weight. I took my kittens when they were only a few weeks old, he told me how much they needed to weigh but I forgot now. Ideally, you don’t want the female to go through a cycle before getting fixed.

    It will take time for your dog. If they lived together all their lives it would be different. But since this is new for your dog it will take time.

  5. memaw says:

    They need to be 6 mos old before they get fixed the vet will not fix one before that age
    The dog problem is another problem they will either get used to one another or not the younger they are the more likely they are to get along
    Cats will litter train pretty easily-put the pan in a place that the kitten can get to easy-show it to the kitten then if they go out side the box put them in the box till they get the idea
    Put ads up at the vets to get homes for the kittens that is the best place to find good homes

  6. Marie C says:

    About neutering: Ask a vet
    Finding homes: Contact a no-kill shelter in your area (DON’T let strangers into your home)
    Give the animals time to get used to each. Don’t leave them alone together, praise the dogs w voice and treats whenever they’ show positive or neutral attitude towards the kitten, and correct w voice (not by smacking or hitting, ever!) if they show aggression towards the kitten. If they aren’t aggressive, try holding the kitten and showing attention to the dogs so they connect the kitten with a positive result. Ask your vets! We mean well, but…

  7. Lettie2004 says:

    I suggest cleaning up the litter dish. When it smells to bad this time available for you, it smells even more difficult to the pet, as well as to be emptied

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