Q&A: Kitten Ear Mites ????? Help me Please?

Question by Whitney- xx: Kitten Ear Mites ????? Help me Please?
Hii ,
well , my kitten has been picking at his ears since i got him ( i got him from my dads friend when he was just 8 weeks Old ) , we though he had fleas . so we got him flea stuff ( the good kind from the vet) and then a few days ago , i was picking threw his fur and i was things moving… so i just though he had fleas again . Then a few days ago , my little brothers baby sitter ( she has lots of cats , so i Trust her when she says these things ) said she though he had eat mites . And i had no clue what they were until i googled it , then i looked in my kittens ear , and that’s what it was. Can he die from these ? My other Cat is an outdoor car and has never had fles / ear mites / etc . But there both boys so they fight , well just swatting and the kitten jumping on the older cat , could my cat have ear mites too now ? what should i use to treat ear mites ? Thank you so much :]
I’ve had my kitten since September , btw .

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Answer by saldiva
I’ve never used any over the counter stuff for my cat’s ear mites, but I took them to the vet and they gave me some kind of medicine to put in their ears every 2x week for 2 weeks. So you should take your cat to the vet again or ask if they can just buy the medicine for the ear mites or go to a pet store and see if they have any medicine they could recommend if you don’t want to take your cat to the vet again.

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  1. nana says:

    Don’t get to worried it is not a big problem.

    One sign of ear mites is a lot of dark brown wax in the ears that quickly comes back after you clean the cats ears.

    When I got my kitten from a rescue shelter she came home with ear mites. 4 years ago :)

    Just go to any of your local vets and pick up a ear mite ear rinse. This you will have to squeeze a few drops in each ear everyday for a few weeks until they all die. The sooner you start treating them the better~ don’t leave the problem untreated.

    If you can’t get the rinse at your vets just look at petsmart or petco but make sure they say for ear mites. Drfostersandsmith.com has it too- a great website.

    Good luck! ~ it should be a quick problem to fix

    It is best you treat both of your cats with it because cats do pass earmites to each other.

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