Q&A: Kitten Care Info please!!!!!!!?

Question by : Kitten Care Info please!!!!!!!?
I have a kitten named libby who’s 9 weeks old right now, and i need some info! The person who sold her to us gave us some dry kitty chow, but i want to know, is wet food better for them? Or both? Oh, and when do i start giving her normal cat food, and how? I don’t think my kitten has drunk her water, yet, its in a metal bowl does that mean anything? She jumped into my bathtub and started likcing water off the tub, but does’t really drink her real water. Oh, and in the one day I’ve had her, she hasn’t pooped or peed yet. It’s the same litterbox she had before, but how will she know to use it? And are there any safe snacks i can feed her? thanks! any other info is greatly appreciated!!!

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Answer by sarahcanflyy
Dry food is better for cats than wet. She should be eating kitten food twice a day until she is 1 year old and then she can be switched to adult cat food. If she doesn’t like the dry food, it might be too hard for her and can be softened with a little water or mixed with a small amount of canned kitten food to entice her to eat. Cats know to use the litter box by instinct and it’s not abnormal is she hasn’t gone yet. If you haven’t already, you should take her to the vet to have her examined, tested for parasites, and updated on her kitten vaccines because kittens need vaccines every few weeks until they are about 4 months old.

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  1. Jen Weller says:

    well its good to give her both, dry and canned but get a non metal bowl for water get a plastic one or ceramic. I personally use plastic. put her in the litterbox and move her paws in it. also she might be still getting used to your home

  2. Glenn says:

    I feed my cats both wet and dry food. I will leave out dry food during the day, but give them a small amount (about the size and thickness of a half dollar) of wet food in a separate bowl, with a splash of water on top. The wet food helps keep them hydrated, and makes their coats nice and shiny. But be careful! Don’t feed her too much wet food. She’ll get fat. Lots of calories in wet food.

    As far as “normal” food, I’d ask the vet. But most kittens eat kitten food until 1 year old. Then slowly wean them off the kitten food by mixing the adult food with the kitten food. Take about a week or two to do so.

    I wouldn’t worry about her not drinking water. She will when she gets thirsty enough. And sometimes it takes them a day or two to get used to the litter box. Have you introduced her to it? Gently put her in the box, and GENTLY pull her paws through the litter two or three times. She’ll get the idea. Then let her go.

    Safe snacks – try a tiny spoonful of human baby food, like chicken or turkey. The pureed stuff. They love it! But only a little. Also, check out http://www.haretodaygonetomorrow.com. They have rabbits’ ears that my cats go crazy over. I know, sounds gross. But they LOVE them. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    EDIT – I agree with the above poster – DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOWLS! Get metal or ceramic. The plastic is bad for their face and skin.

  3. dan148 says:

    I always feed my kitten a mixture of wet and dry food.This way i know he is getting fluid from the wet food.I feed him wet food for breakfast leave out a bowl of biscuits so he can eat freely during the day and night ,and then he has another wet feed at night when im having my dinner.Always leave out fresh water she will drink some eventually.As she is only 9 weeks old you should give her another wet feed at lunch time.

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