Q&A: Kitten care help? Know of any videos?

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by Kpjas

Question by : Kitten care help? Know of any videos?
I want to watch some videos that will help me learn to take care of a kitten. The differences between taking care of an 8 week old and an adult cat. Any tips you want to provide are great :)

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Answer by Anna Nomyss
the only additional care/instructions a healthy 8 week old should need perhaps some extra litter training. Which only requires them being placed in the box every few hours (I usually do it just whenever i think about it, sometimes it’s 2 hours sometimes its 4). If the kitten wasn’t born in your home it should be secluded to the room with the litter box for a day or two at six months he or she should be fixed and given it’s shots, from there on out it’s just shot updates and possibly frontline applications.

Additional and intensive care is usually for kittens below six weeks in age.

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  1. Katie says:

    Well i think they are the same as long as the kitten can eat hard food. just play with it more and get it kitten food. i think that the best cat and kitten food is IAMS. don’t know any videos. sorry. best thing i could say.

  2. Abir1890 says:

    Probably the kitten isn’t targeting the site most of us feel and it is rather focusing on anywhere beneath, from photo. After all that’s an amazing crash for any cat

  3. DoraieDora340 says:

    I believe that any of us can certainly all feel that free cat are usually dangerous creatures

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