Q&A: I’m fostering kittens help!!?

Question by philly: I’m fostering kittens help!!?
I just picked up a mama cat and her kitties from the spca. It’s my first time! They are in a spare bedroom that basically has nothing in it. I got a small dog cage so that they could stay in it but alot of things online said to leave the cage door open so mom can roam around a bit and not be with the kitties 24/7. However after an hr of letting htem settle I just went back into the room and the mom cat was in the closet and had put one of her babies in the waste basket!!! Then we left the room and went back in 5 min later and mom was in the waste basket with her baby!! So what is this telling me?? Should I get a cage and keep mom and babies all confined or will mom’s instincts take over and she’ll just do what she needs to do? Or is mom literally trashing the baby to the side?! I swear the SPCA gave me no info on fostering other then a vaccination schedule etc.

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Answer by Milo
Mother cats will move their kittens if they don’t feel safe. Try placing the crate in the closet since she seems more comfortable there. You can also try a cardboard box or some other form of shelter that she may like better. Or simply some blankets in the closet. The most important thing is to keep the mother cat comfortable in her strange new environment. Hopefully she’ll settle down soon. Good luck and thank you for fostering! :)

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  1. RLTexas says:

    She may not be comfortable in the cage.
    This happened to our cat and we put her in my bathroom and put the babies in the tub (with the stop in it and old towels and blankets on the bottom)
    She was comfy in the tub and didnt move then again. We put food and water outside of the sink also and i put a night light in there because at night i turned off the light.
    Also dont bug her too much; this is a new thing for her, both being a mom and b eing in a new enviorment with new people.And she needs time to adjust and relax

    Keep the closet door closed!

  2. CanadianPerspective says:

    If you don’t like mama cat tossing her babies into the trash can, remove it from the room. Place an old blanket (folded) in the closest for bedding. That way mama cat can feel her family is safe and secure. This should resolve your issue, kudos for being a kitty-cat hero! : ) Good Luck!

  3. Pud says:

    mom cat doesn’t know the trash can is a trash can. To her it’s just a handy comfortable place to sleep and stay safe. Cats will go where they want, irrelevant of what we provide for them.
    She’s going to take a day or 2 to settle down but you’re doing the right things, you’ve given her warmth, safety, food, water and litter. Once she’s settled she’ll need some interaction and toys but it sounds like she’ll be fine.

  4. jared_e42 says:

    She’ll move them to a safe & secure place; so don’t worry that they are in the closet. I would remove the trash-can though. Blankets, etc are an order.

    The only thing to make sure is to check the kittens for weight and make sure they are eating enough. If they aren’t- you might need to bottle feed them.
    there is a kitten section, read through that for more info.

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