Q&A: How to make a kitten milk replacement?

Question by : How to make a kitten milk replacement?
my local store that carrys kitten milk wont be open till wesenday, i been using cow milk with water, but i feel so bad for it, i just found it in a river :l its maybe at the most 2 weeks old, i dont have many things in my kitchen at the time, so what do i do? p.s he has diarrhea, so idt he is getting everything he needs :C

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Answer by Jim
try using your own milk, its high in nutrients and will decrease the diarrhea

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  1. Samantha says:

    i had he same problem as you once, i just used normal milk lol. and she loved it! if your not sure, maybe ring up a local vet and ask for there opinion?

  2. Chelsea FC says:

    He has diarrhea because of the cow milk, it’s really not good for cats.
    Here’s a site with a recipe as well as other advice


    Get the kitten formula as soon as you can.

  3. San Diego Art Nut says:

    I get a product called KatSip for my cats. I used to get it at the grocery store and some still carry it.

  4. SilverFang Werewolf says:

    Well, you kind of have to encourage the cat to try actual milk. If the cat refuses, i suggest you keep trying by giving it scoops of the milk in a spoon and placing it in the mouth. If you keep feeding it cow milk it may get addicted and not want to drink anything else.

  5. Chris says:

    use your own milk

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