Q&A: How can I get my kitten to accept dry food?

Question by devon d: How can I get my kitten to accept dry food?
I have been feeding her canned Wellness food.

I really need her to learn how to eat dry food too, because I will be going back to school soon, and want her to learn how to free feed.

Otherwise, I’ll have to give her a meal in the morning and one at night.

I have been mixing her canned food with a small amount of dried (Wellness Kitten Health) but she wont eat it :I

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Answer by EvelynLucia
Try a different brand of dry cat food. Kittens, and cats, can be fussy with the brand, and flavor, of the food they eat.

Also, have a bowl of dry kitten food out, so she’ll be more inclined to eat it, then if you just put in front of her, and expect her to eat it.

Just be patient with her, she’ll eat the dry food when she’s ready

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  1. Magenta says:

    Try different foods, my cats wouldn’t eat the Wellness kitten either, they do eat the indoor health adult food now. They both really like Orijin dry food which is something like 75% protein, they love that but I found it gave one of the cats hairballs, I went 5 years with him never seeing a hairball and 2 weeks on this food and he had one. I took him off of it and he hasn’t had another one since. Wellness makes a “protein” food called “Core” that says it is for both cats and kittens and my cats liked that one and there was no problems with it.

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