Q&A: Do you think people should adopt older cats instead of always adopting kittens?

Question by : Do you think people should adopt older cats instead of always adopting kittens?
Let’s face it, way more kittens get adopted than, say, that plain 3-year-old tabby. I personally believe people should adopt more older cats, because they’ll get euthanized or suffer in an overcrowded no-kill shelter. I have nothing against kittens, although oddly enough we’ve never ended up adopting one (we adopted a year-old cat 14 years ago, and all our other cats were abandoned). I just feel people should stop always going for the cutest thing there.

What do you believe, and why?

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Answer by –Khayos–
I think far too many get kittens/puppies thinking they are a blank slate they can train how they want.

not realizing that kittens are very hyper, do best with another kitten and are complete terrors until they’re 2 yrs old.

Two of my cats I got as kittens. The other we got as a senior. She was being beaten/neglected so we took her in thinking to find her a different home. After a couple weeks I decided I didn’t have it in me to bounce her to another place.

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  1. Café Mocha Valencia says:

    I agree. I have three cats I adopted as adults and they are the sweetest, most loveable and most playful cats I’ve ever known.

    I think of lot of people are mistaken in thinking that you need to get a cat as a kitten for it to bond with you. That’s just not true. My three are FAR more bonded to me than any cat I’ve had since a kitten.

  2. Anita says:

    koddos to you! Yes, people want that sweet, cute lil’ kitten, when an adult cat gets euthanized. Older cats are just as cute and cuddly, and need homes as well. I am a veterinary technician, and I rescue and foster for the Pet adoption League of Tulsa.I have also worked for the A.S.P.C.A in Tulsa, and volunteered at the Human Society in Salt Lake City. So, I have seen this happen time and time again. What we need to do is educate people.

  3. cσυятηεy ☆ says:

    i completely agree! i guess most people are ignorant about shelters. plus, kittens aren’t as great as people think they are. don’t get me wrong, i love cats, but kittens are bursting with energy and bouncing off the walls! mine attacks me constantly.

    you can’t mold cats to what you want them to be. they are individuals with their own personalities. adult cats are better to adopt because the shelter staff know their personality traits.

  4. myopinion says:

    I agree with you, and not just because they have increased chances of being put down. Full-grown cats already have their personalities established and have been socialized. When you meet an adult cat, it either likes you or it doesn’t, so you have a better chance of getting a great pet who chose you to be its new pet parent. Also, you can usually find out its history at the shelter, like if its owner had to give it up because of no money or the owner passed away or if it was a stray, and if it likes other animals and kids or not.
    I’ve gotten kittens and have one time adopted an older kitty too, and I’ll probably always look to adopt an older kitty again, because she’s been the easiest to adapt to my household. She picked me out at the shelter. Smacked my leg and said “Hey! I’m down here on the left behind the door! Helloooooo?” One look and I was done for.

  5. Ariane deR says:

    Yes older cats make wonderful pets to adopt. all the ones I have adopted from shelters & rescues were adults, 1 was a cat who was in a fire about 1 yr old, 1 cat dumped by his family 11 yrs old; one abused scared cat about 8 yrs old, and one about 2 yrs old with a history of having been some of the time at a BYB and some of the time an escapee on the streets.
    Then i also have got pedigreed from responsible breeders.

    Kittens are extremely cute but they’re a lot of trouble too, and they soon turn into adult cats anyway. With an adult you get to see how their mature personality is. For example all healthy kittens are playful and energetic but not all adults stay that way much beyond kittenhood. If you visit the adult cats you can choose if you want a more laid back one or a more energetic one.

    People mistakenly think they need to get a young kitten or it won’t bond to them but that is not true at all. The adult cats I have adopted all bonded closely with their new family even the abused one though it naturally took him longer to trust (but earning his trust was a very rewarding experience I wouldn’t trade for anything though I wish i could have spared him the cruelty he went through before from horrible people)

  6. Omar says:

    Yes i agree i regeted adopting our Kitten ! he’s so Hyper-Active and LOVES to play all the time and waking me up everyday when i’m in my good sleep i once adopted a Cat an old one he doesn’t like to play he just likes to sleep and eat ! but then the Cat ranaway because we moved out!

    Cat’s are better then Kittens just Kittens are cuter then Cats!

  7. CatsondeHenry1761 says:

    my pet Lurky is dead

  8. C4t5WorldLanell says:

    My spouse and i saw this particular on the Jay Leno present along with everytime I tried to visit to rest, all I could think of had been this specific big longhair kitten distributed eagle

  9. BenedekJungBenedek says:

    My own cat Buccaneer never uses the scuff some tips i replace on your ex. I also haven’t attached his / her nails within a long time

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