Q&A: Can you mix pedia-lyte with kitten milk replacer?

Question by Sheryl D: Can you mix pedia-lyte with kitten milk replacer?
I’ve been nursing an orphaned kitten with KMR from Petsmart and someone told me I could mix a little Pedia-lyte (formula for human babies) in with the KMR milk to give him extra nutrition. This wouldn’t be dangerous to the kitten would it?

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Answer by Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs
Just stick to the KMR its formulated to have the right nutrients for kittens.

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  1. tåkë cárê õf mÿ cât says:

    Pedialyte is used as a way to curb dehydration. It most certainly does not contain any extra nutrition. In fact, pedialyte will dilute the formula and results in less nutrition. So, if your kitten is doing well, you do not need to add pedialyte at all. Stick to feeding KMR every 2-3 hours and the little one will do fine.

  2. J C says:

    Pedialyte is good for dehydrated cats. It doesn’t provide any extra nutrition – it has the right balance of electrolytes for dehydrated cats, and is meant to prevent dehydration in babies with diarrhea. Stick with the KMR, and don’t dilute it with the Pedialyte.

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